Friday, July 31, 2015

New Finds

 I think these are better than Haribo. 
Not Zach.  They are so soft. 
Trader Joe gummies...mmmm
and not too bad for me. 
Malcolm Gladwell writes so readably. 
I love this book.  I think being retired has fostered my reading books again. I'm reading more than ever this year. 
I just didn't have the time before and the emotion of reading was too much with the emotion of the NICU. 
This has been a great surprise to me during my first summer of retirement.  

I have a few other new finds to share:

*We found a baby tooth that Fezzik lost this week. 
Do you know that felines have canines? 
It is true. 
Dr. Seuss would have loved that. 

I have learned how to have Siri read my text messages to me while I am driving. It is so cool and so safe. 

Last but not least, 
I learned how to LOOP while singing last night. 
Well I sang, and Zach looped my voice. 
It was soooooooo fun. 

What's new with you?


Tired Teacher said...

I didn't realize cats lost their baby teeth.

This summer has been great for reading: I've finished five books so far and have another started.

New? Hmmm, that would be trying new patterns for quilts and knitting.

elns said...

Are you going to put the tooth under his sleeping spot? Maybe the toothfairy will leave him a Fezzik puppet. hehe.

I know nothing about baby animals. We didn't really have any of our own growing up for various reasons.

I'm glad you are enjoying and getting a chance to read a lot more. It's right there with knitting in terms of enjoyment and relaxation.

I think I like the idea of gummies more than I actually like gummy candy though those British "Wine gums" are pretty fantastic. But that packaging. Hello put a penguin on it and I'm sold. My son is like Zach a traditionalist and swears by Haribo. Kids! ;)

Katherine said...

Fezzik is so cute I'll bet his little teeth are cute too! I love gummies especially penguin gummies. I'm so glad retirement allows you to read and do the things you enjoy!! I'm not allowed to say the "R" word for the rest of this year. In 2016 all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...little Fezzik is growing up.

Araignee said...

Kitty tooth fairies! How cute. I am trying so hard to get back into reading instead of always listening to books while I am busy doing something else but it is so hard to keep my mind on the pages. I think I've developed some kind of hyperactivity disorder since I retired. I can't just do one thing at a time anymore. :(
What's new with me? White sangria, baby! Yummo!!!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've only ever found one tooth from our cats, and it was years and years ago. Even when Tux started losing his adult teeth (he's only go one fang left) we never found them... wonder if he ate them?

SissySees said...

Not much reading here, but I am going fishing once a week with the Knight. The Knight loves gummies, so I might have to get some of those to try. He hates TJs for some reason...

Judy S. said...

Love that bush! Is it a hibiscus? New, let's see, our crocosmia just got some new flowers and the deer hasn't found them yet, and even better. We just got new wheels!!!

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