Sunday, July 26, 2015

Everything Sweet at Wildercakes Boozy Bundts

Zach's friend Sara Jane bakes over at

She makes Boozy bundt cakes.  

Sara asked Zach to photograph her grand opening event. 

Sara sent home a plate of cake tastes. 

All of these cakes were amazing. 

We all had trouble picking a favorite. 

I loved the John Daley: A sweet tea bundt with vodka lemonade. 

oh my, OH MY!

Sara would love you to contact her at

When Al comes in I'm ordering cakes from Sara Jane for the party. 

There is nothing quite as disappointing as a dry cake......

you won't be disappointed in Sara's bundts.  

The are the moistest cakes I've ever tasted. 


On another sweet note, my mom and I had a great visit last night. 

She was laughing and fun.  

She may have alzheimers but there are times she is in her element 

and last night was a delight.

She thinks she is at home, which is an answer to ALL your prayers. 


I crocheted a dishcloth yesterday. 

Today,  I'm back to the new baby blanket I'm making from


Pictures soon! 


Marilyn K said...

Yum! The cakes sound amazing.

Dee said...

So glad to hear that your mom is settled in and that you had a wonderful visit. Those are the times to savor!

Nancy Kay said...

My, those bundt cakes sound so delicious!

knitterbeader said...

Cakes look yummy! Glad your mom is still able to enjoy herself and her surroundings at times.

Mereknits said...

Okay YUM, YUM, Yum!
Glad you had a great visit with your Mom, remember it during the harder ones.

Teresa Kasner said...

I love moist bundt cakes! You lucky girl! I need to buy a bundt pan and make some .. when I get back home. Gadzooks it's hot and humid here at Ozark Lake, MO! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Pammy Sue said...

Those cakes look delish! I've been wanting to make a cake for a few days now. I'm going to have to get in there and just do it. I think I have some kahlua around here too somewhere. Hmm...

Caffeine Girl said...

Boozy cakes! Two sins wrapped up into one. I sort of envy you all that cake, but the scale says I do not need any cake at all. As long you have it, enjoy!

Araignee said...

The cakes are spectacular but the photos are insane. I feel like I could reach out and get a bite. Man, I wish I could!
Yay for good visits. I'm not there yet with Daddio. My heart keeps telling me I abandoned him but my head knows he is where he needs to be. I don't feel guilty-just really, really sad.

Tired Teacher said...

I would love to sample some of these cakes. Zach's photos will bring in a lot of customers.

Delighted to hear that you had a good visit with your mother. Cherish those moments in your heart.

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