Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Favorites

There were miniature lily pads at our botanic gardens 
They would fit in a barrel of water
They were adorable
Who knew

Years ago our neighbor Janet
Made these little peanut butter snack balls in the summer
You can google allrecipes and make them
They are made with peanut butter ,
Dried milk powder, raisins, honey and graham cracker crumbs
They remind us of driving to the north woods and. Floating down the tea colored tomahawk river everyday 

I'm busy knitting my new top
And it will be something I hope will mind me of THIS summer

What reminds you of past wonderful summers


Tired Teacher said...

Treasures from previous summers: flowers pressed in my dictionary and shells collected on a Texas beach.

Karen51 said...

We are just driving home from Tomahaek where we have a cottage on Lake Mohawkson. I wonder where you were on the river! Beautiful place, up north!

knitterbeader said...

I'm going to get some milk powder and try these peanut butter balls - my favorite flavor!!

Teresa Kasner said...

I was asked to tell about my years owning a sailboat and wrote the story out today.. so for me.. summer means sailing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Marilyn K said...

Bonfires on the beach. Not allowed to build fires on the beach anymore.

Araignee said...

Fireflies. I can't get over the magic of them. I'm a kid again whenever I see one.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh my, the snack balls look like a great treat!! I guess campfires and boat bring back a lot of memories.

Dee said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....peanut butter!!!!! :-)

elns said...

The smell of chlorine. I have all these other thoughts, but one that was consistent was the smell of chlorine and the feel of sand, being cold at the edge of piece of water somewhere.

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