Monday, June 22, 2015


 My roses, ferns and giant hosta are at their peak right now.  We have no burnt leaves, no fungus from too much rain, and the blooms are opening in unison.   
I used to think roses were too fussy but Knock Out varieties around here have changed my views. 
 We had wonderful lettuce wraps on Saturday night.
Chicken, chives, red peppers, water chestnuts and slivered almonds.  
 I learned some things about Miss Pie.  Okay call me crazy....
Crazy here went to a animal psychic for a free reading on Saturday.
She said Miss Pie did not want to talk about her eyes; they are a non-issue for her as she sees with her heart. 
I loved this.  They psychic told me Pie prays and is worried about me because I'm sad about my mom. 
That's just the sweetest thing.  
She also told me Fezzik misses his milk.
I told her he was abruptly weaned at 12 weeks and laughed. 
So I bought him some goats milk and he loved it. 
So we have touched on gardens, dinners and psychic readings.
Oh ! This is a knit blog.
I knit a hot water bottle cover this weekend. 
You are supposed to close the bottom, but I want to be able to take it off and wash it. 
While knitting it, I learned how to fix a dropped garter stitch.
This is HUGE for me. 
I think because I used a bigger yarn I could SEE what had to be done. 
I've been trying to learn this for years.....

I think the cover would make a lovely giftie for someone having surgery. 



Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like the hotwater bottle idea, but I'd put a button band on the bottom so it could be closed, but come off when it needs washing.

Pie is so lovely!

Donna Boucher said...

That looks delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Pie has such a dignified look laying in the big chair.

Araignee said...

Your psychic sounds spot on. I always wonder what the critters are thinking. You know they know more than we give them credit for.
Love the hot water bottle sweater. I LOVE my hot water bottle. It's always the cure for what ails you.

Teresa Kasner said...

Your garden is looking lovely.. I need to get some of those roses.. hubby and I call them "freeway roses" as they plant them on the side of the freeway here as they are so hardy and need no care. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

elns said...

I love the hot water bottle idea and the button band idea! Brazilliant!!

elns said...

The hot water bottle sweater is a great gift idea. I really like it. I also love that you like water chestnuts! The texture is such a game changer. My mother and I bicker about this. They are my secret ingredient in my won tons. Whether they are in soup or fried, they give a nice ... texture!

Love Ms. Pie., she is all heart, eh?

April Jeffers said...

Hello! I love the idea of an animal psychic. My cat is so spoiled she would probably just shake her tail and walk away from the psychic like pssh ain't got time for ya. But I love her. Oh Hi by the way. I'm April from Florida :)

Tired Teacher said...

I had no idea there were pet psychics. Pie's psychic seems to be in tune with his thoughts and the happenings at your house.

The lettuce wrap filling looks very tasty!

Katherine said...

Your hot water bottle sweater is really cute and so useful!! It would be a great gift. Your chicken, peppers, almonds dish looks delish. I was wondering what to make for dinner using a dash of the sriracha gift I received this weekend and that would work. I was also given a bottle of sriracha mayo so maybe tuna burgers.

Mereknits said...

A very good friend of mine is psychic, she is Little Buddy's nanny and loves Max. She tells me what Max is thinking all the time. When we went away to Wisconsin for 24 hours a few weekends ago she said Max was frantic. HE kept coming up to her, bumping her arm and walking around the house. He was saying, what is wrong with you the baby is missing, where is the baby? That Max has a hear of gold.

Caffeine Girl said...

Big yarn is definitely the way to go with learning things!

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