Sunday, June 07, 2015

Another Pair of Charity Mittens

 These Plymouth Encore mittens hopped off my needles this morning. 
For a pair that gave me fits at the start, they turned out perfect. 
I was not using the right size needles at first. 
They are machine washable. 
When I make another pair from this yarn I will add a flower or something, but I thought this pair is a basic, boys or young man's mitten.

It has taken me months to perfect my thumbs, but I've finally done it. 
I had to learn to join the yarn between the existing saved stitches, knit 7 stitches and then cast on two stitches for the hole part, then knit the other 7 saved stitches. 
Is this making sense? 
Then you decrease two on the next round in the bottomish part of the thumb and it looks great. 
I must thank the writer of this pattern. 
Perhaps a glove is in my future...but 
let's not get carried away!

Some products I used this week that I'll share with you:
Good old drawing salve. I have a big splinter that we cannot get out of my finger.  The old tube of drawing salve still puts out brown goop that really pulls a splinter to the surface.  Part of it came out this morning like magic. 
Visconiti sun dried tomatoes.
They beat any store bought tomato for a pasta salad any day!
They can't match a fresh picked garden tomato..but for the other 50 weeks of the year, they are the best. 

Creatology's Pom Poms bought at Micheals. They are Fezzik's favorite toy to retrieve.  He is learning the word fetch. 
He's kind of a natural, as Maine Coons are known for this. 


I love Luna Lemon Protein bars.
They taste wonderful. 



knitterbeader said...

Those thumbs are really perfect. I'll have to give that a try the next time I do fingerless mitts.
I can't believe how fast your new kitty is growing. Sure has pretty fur!

Teresa Kasner said...

I think those mittens are a favorite of mine.. I went through such a long phase of using natural colors that it speaks to me. I wish I could hug Fezzy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Judy S. said...

Love that new kitty of yours and the mittens, too.

KSD said...

I like "plain" mittens. Some are so intricate they overwhelm you.

My father was a master at getting splinters and bee stingers out. He was also the best at braiding my hair.

karen said...

the mittens are beautiful and will be loved. That cat looks so cozy!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great mitts! You can totally do gloves!
Fezzik is such a sweetie!

Mereknits said...

Fezzik is growing so fast, such a beauty.

Dee said...

My mom used that salve on us when we were kids. We called it "black salve". I didn't know they still made it. Glad it is working for you. That splinter must hurt like the Dickens!

When I made mittens, I made a stripe or two on the cuff and the rest plain. I had a trick for the thumb that meant you didn't break the yarn ---draw up the final stitches with a tiny crochet hook and loop it closed. Pull it tight enough to leave no "gap" at the bottom.Then single crochet the seam with that yarn. When you get to the top of the thumb you are ready to work your hand stitches again. You can decrease the stitch on the crochet needle on your first round. No breaks, no weaving in ends.

Fezzik is adorable. :-)

Araignee said...

Perfect mittens! That kitty is just the cuddliest thing ever. It would be so worth an asthma attack to give him a hug.'
I just made some beautiful charcoal and Dead Sea clay spa soap on Saturday. It even has Tussah silk and aloe in it. When it cures to a decent ph level (it takes about 6 weeks for the lye to exhaust) I'll send you a bar.

Caffeine Girl said...

I know exactly what you mean about thumbs on mittens. I found mittens harder to master than socks. However, I will never knit gloves. Too fiddley for me.

I'm enjoying watching Fezzik grow up. He is adorable.

Tired Teacher said...

I agree that Luna Lemon bars are delicious!

Fezzik's coat is lovely and looks so soft.

kathy b said...

Dee, I will try your thumb trick and YES that splinter..which splintered into two inside my finger hurt like the Dickens. You are so sweet. I told Fireman as he tried to dig it out, "Geez, I have had two babies, I suppose I could be braver about a sliver" It really hurt though. Every time he touched it with the tweezers I'd bite down on my lip hard.
The drawing salve worked like a charm . Over night it did its magic and by morning I gave a squeeze and out popped the whole splinters

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