Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Productive Times

 That list that I made for Carole's prompt actually got me moving yesterday. 
I finished my sister's pillow cover. 
Three sides are closed. 
She'll have to insert her own pillow and close it.
These colors go with her two other pillows ; it is a Bernat bulky. 
Once I hear from her, I'm mailing it out.
That would make two checks off my list. 
(post office =two)
 I'm headed outside into the cold but sunny space we call outside.
My flowers from Mother's day are still lovely inside. 
I plan to feed the roses and weed the nasty weeds.
I'm going to brag here.
Pie is being so so so good with her new brother Fezzik.
She plays with him and tumbles across the floor with him.
An occasional hiss keeps him in line.
He is bigger than Pie already. 

Uncle Tank was the first to welcome him.
Beatles is getting there....he is still a bit afraid of this new one. 
All in all I'm thrilled we are on the way to being a new group.
I've thought of Rosalyn often these days with a big warm heart.   Huck too, as right now the red in his coat is light and reminds me of my gorgeous Huck boy. 
All good. 
What's good by you?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

That looks like a nice cozy pillow.
Glad to see there's harmony in kitty-land!

Tired Teacher said...

Love the photo of Pie & Fezzik - I can almost hear them playing.

Congrats on finishing your sister's pillow cover.

Vera said...

The pillow cover is beautiful - love the colors. And the kitties together -- nothing better! Glad they all seem to be getting along.

Nancy Kay said...

The pillow and the flowers match! Very pretty, Kathy! I love the picture of Fezzik and Pie playing! Good to hear the kitties are all learning to be accepting of the new cat on the block!

Katherine said...

The kitties are so cute playing together! Macy used the growl/nip on the bum method of training Max and still does occasionally when he is bothering her. It is so interesting how pets come together and become family--some slowly and carefully, others with quick acceptance.

I love the pillow!

karen said...

oh I'm so glad that your new kitten is fitting in wonderfully! So so so nice, I bet you love watching them play. Your pillow is beautiful!

Judy S. said...

Wow, you finished that pillow in record time! Love the kitty photo; they are so cute together. Ginger and Mocha should take some lessons from your group on how to get along!

Teresa Kasner said...

Good job on finishing that pillow! You're a good sister. I'm glad to hear that the other kitties are being good to Fezzick. I wonder if they have a clue how big he is going to get? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

What a happy kitty family you have!
The pillow is awesome. I need to do that.

Caffeine Girl said...

Fezzik is certainly making himself right at home. I think it's amazing how well the transition is going. Keith has had our second cat for about a decade, and the first one is still making up her mind about him!

elns said...

You really turned out that pillow cover, it looks great. I love the action kitty photo!

Mereknits said...

Your sister is going to be thrilled with that pillow. Love that all the kitties are bonding.

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