Thursday, May 21, 2015

Outside the Lines

We all start somewhere, and here are my cosmos seedlings. I hope they will be tall and beautiful come August. 


 Many thanks for all the prayers for my Mom. 
You are the best! 
I watched, STILL ALICE last night. 
What a fantastic movie. 
It may seem like pouring salt in the wound, but I was ready to watch it. 
I want to learn about this disease of the brain. 
The good news, of course, is that knitting is a great brain activity! 

There is sidewalk chalk art appearing in town, now that the weather is improving. 
I love seeing what children draw, don't you? 
When I worked in the NICU siblings often colored the funniest, sweetest things for their new babies.  We hung these little masterpieces on the isolettes. 

What with all the technology we surround ourselves and our children with, there is something so good about a child's drawing. 
They say it is good for a child's self esteem, to draw.  
Good for the motor skills. 
Great to have something to GIVE someone. 
I was always fascinated by the public television shows that TAUGHT you to draw or paint.  
I can watch someone else paint or draw comics with great fascination and admiration. 

I know I've told you that the only "D" I ever  got was in art! How do you give someone a D in art? 
Don't you get a C for just trying? 
What? Did I color outside a line something?
I'll admit I had no patience for WORK books as a kid.  It was just pages to breeze through.  I probably got the D for rushing through a project. I remember the anxiety I felt at the beginning of the year when we had 26 files to get through.  It was all about finishing and finishing those boring phonics worksheets fast. !!!

I think I was color challenged too. 
I remember thinking (in College!) it was fine to wear a red  shirt with a maroon skirt.  I thought they were in the same family,  so they must go together. 
This is what years of wearing a UNIFORM does to your imagination....

Where is this going?
Well, I think I love color because my world was navy and green plaid for 10 years.  Two years of high school were sanctioned light blue and navy skirts. So twelve years of blue. 
I've always loved blue....
I still do. 
When I see Navy and Kelly Green however, 
I see:
Parochial school. 

Back to the drawing board:
How do I color my world with confidence now?
I copy what I Like. 
Our whole kitchen scheme is copied from a magazine photo.
Hey its really pretty.....and why re-invent the wheel? 
Just copying it correctly is work enough for this "D" student! 

I'm off to knit some mittens now,
in a skein of yarn with a color way called, 
Summer Camp. 
You guessed it, 
it's blues and greens! 


Kim in Oregon said...

My friend and colleague Lauren Kessler wrote a book called "Dancing with Rose" that you should find. I think you would find it very enlightening.

Katherine said...

Blues and greens are among my favorites also. I find myself knitting with them a lot.

Are uniforms a good thing? Our grandchildren wore uniforms for all their years of school through high school. Now that they are in college they are clean, neat and casual but really care nothing about styles and fads. I would like to get them a little more interested in looking "spiffy" for meeting and dates. I've noticed for Church they usually opt for navy slacks and white shirt, and navy skirt and white blouse. Back to the old uniform. Hmmmm.

Lynn said...

My junior high art teacher would show us a sample that she made and we were to do it exactly as she did. Any variation meant a lower grade. I remember thinking if she wanted what she did, she should have just made them all herself!
We all have colors that make us happy, feel good, remind us of good and bad things etc. I think there is no point in knitting or wearing anything that doesn't please us in some way. I have made things for others in colors they liked and while they loved it, I hated every minute of making them so will no longer do that.
Do you ever watch any of the knitting programs on after 12 on WYCC.? Really fun to see new projects and techniques and see them being made. Fun and educationally all in one. Give them a try. I'm watching Knitting Today right now. They have the patterns on their website so free too.

knitterbeader said...

I've had occasion to "sort" my stash by color and find it quite interesting. Looks like the many shades of greens and blues are my favorite in yarn colors.

knitterbeader said...

I meant to say I've "sorted" my stash yarn on my Ravelry stash page (not in real life).

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with copying - imitation is the first step in learning!

Araignee said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have an art degree from the U of MD and I am terrible when it comes to picking colors. My whole house is white. It's the only color I put on the walls because I can't trust my own taste. I always end up hating what I pick out.

KSD said...

This made me laugh; thank you!

I went to a private school, but we didn't have uniforms, except for PE; those were famously hideous.

Hannah is an exceptional artist. I can draw an occasionally-recognizable balloon.

Tired Teacher said...

I'm not an artist - can't draw or paint anything to save my life - but I love photography. The one color that I try to avoid is purple. The school where I taught for 25 years was covered in purple (one of the school colors) and every Friday was "wear purple day." I grew weary of the color.

Teresa Kasner said...

I love blues and greens too.. actually I love the whole rainbow of colors. Have fun with those mittens! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Art class was always one of my favorites.

I was lucky to have some VERY good teachers.

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