Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Cinco de Mayo

 My Uncle is downsizing so he asked if I wanted his horse painting.
Of course, a horse is a horse of course of course.
I love the painting. 
It does not have non reflective glass, so you see a bit of the window in this image, but that's ok.  
I love it. 
Thank you Tio.

Fireman painted the walls yellow this spring.
I think it is perfect for the painting. 
I finished the sparkle children's mittens last night.
I am going to donate them to a good cause. 
I have to find just the right charity.
I'd like to see them worn by a child who needs them in Chicago.
We have such cold winters. 

For Cinco de Mayo I'll mention my favorite things Mexican:
Their Coffee!  
Guacamole.....I love it without onions. 
Their family oriented culture.
Their devotion to the Blessed Mother.
Dia de Los Muertes, also Zach's birthday
Guys with long straight black hair....hee hee. Just love that.

and YOU?
What do you love about Mexico? 


Wanderingcatstudio said...

for me - it's definitely Fajitas!!!!

Love the mitts

Vera said...

Margaritas! Chocolate! And, yes, coffee and mole and real salsa and guacomole (with onions). Beautiful embroidery, fun music.

Donna Boucher said...

I love that my parents loved it there. Acapulco or bust!

Katherine said...

Growing up on the Arizona border I spent a lot of time in Mexicali and San Luis where I learned to appreciate real Mexican food. It's hard to find in Tex-Mex land! I would have to say the things I love most about Mexico is the food!

Love the mittens.

Teresa Kasner said...

I love Mexico for many reasons. We visited Rosarito Beach and stayed in a big old prohibition era hotel that was fantastic. We also visited Saltillo and stayed in a hillside hotel that I loved. I remember visiting the town plaza with the big church by it. I also spent a week it Puerto Vallarta and immersed ourselves in the city by the ocean, our aunt lived there and took us out to dinner in a small restaurant by a rushing river. I *love* guacamole. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

knitterbeader said...

Living 120 miles from the Mexican border, entitles us to have lots of Mexican restaurants in our little town. My favorite so far are the burritos - loaded with rice, beans, cilantro sauce, beef, cheese, etc., etc.!!!
We've noticed how close-knit the families are and how well the children behave.

elns said...

Mitts look good! I love the lovely vacations Mexico has given me. 2 with my husband B.C. Before Child when we were young and just putting our grown up pants on with stable jobs and a little savings to go away for a week. One holiday AC After Child and we stayed somewhere with AC hehe. And here? I love me some tacos. Tacos and on a hot hot day a Mexican beer with lime :)

Araignee said...

Mmmmm....now I want so tacos and a margarita. Mexico was always our country for any multicultural event when I was a teacher. I love their embroidered peasant blouses and dresses. They are so cool and fun in hot weather.

Tired Teacher said...

Of course, Margaritas are at the top of the list, but so is the climate and also the wonderful markets.

Dee said...

What Valerie said --- fajitas!!!! Or maybe quesadillas --- oh yeah, Mexican vanilla. That stuff is good too.

Mereknits said...

The painting is a wonderful gift.

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