Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chew on This

 Today's post is mostly about's product mailing this month.  I don't get paid for the reviews, but I do get free products to try. 
This is thanks to Channon who passed the opportunity along to me and Sydney at Chewy who organizes the bloggers product reviews.
Hope you don't mind.  

We tried Crafted by Hill's pet nutrition.
I have to say it actually smells good. 
Did I say that? 
Usually canned cat food has an awful odor. 
50% of the time, my cats go right to eating this.
50% of the time they sniff and turn away.
These are impressive figures for my cats. 
Picky picky picky kitties here.

Fezzik's breeder switches up the canned food all the time. 
Dry food is consistently the same. 
So, I don't mind switching it up here.

The other product was Greenies for cats.
Noses up for no thanks here on the Greenies. 

Fezzik is doing great.
Even Beatles is coming around.
He does not understand that we don't bother mom's knitting when she's well....knitting.  

He's 100% adorable.  
He loves the ball and track that Lynn sent as a gift.
If the weather ever improves, he will be out on the porch with the rest of us loving it. 


Vera said...

Love your pictures of Fezzik -- so adorable. My cat doesn't like Greenies either, but he loves Temptations treats -- especially the catnip ones. Hope you get some porch weather soon!

Teresa Kasner said...

Is the porch screened so the cats can't roam away? We have to keep our cats in the house here as if they are outside they get eaten by coyotes. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

From the size of Fezzik's feet, it looks like he is going to quite large. How big do Maine Coon's get?

Katherine said...

One of the cutest cat I've ever seen! He looks like he has personality.

Our dogs will not go near Greenies. I try off and on because they are supposed to be good for their teeth, but no way will they chew them.

Judy S. said...

Fezzik sure is cute! Our cats love Greenies. And they are pretty picky.

Bridget said...

Greenies are a BIG deal in our house, though ours love just about any crunchy treats. Pip doesn't like soft treats, but otherwise they are not that picky.

Fezzik is ridiculously cute. I'm glad everyone is starting to feel happy with one another. :-)

elns said...

Fezzick is so cute! Little man, big paws!

KSD said...

I've only had one pet who liked Greenies. I've given a whole lot of bags bought but unused away.

Araignee said...

I am always on the look out for new canned kitty food. The dogs eat home cooked food but the cats turn their noses up at it. They only want stinky fish based cat food. The smellier the better.

kathy b said...

Answers to your questions:
YEs the porch is completely screened with a sign on the door not to let the cats out. My cats stay inside.e Beatles can go out on a leash with me, but not regularly.
Fezzik will be very large. Up to 26 pounds. He was the biggest kitten in the litter , nicknamed, BIG BELLY BOB at the breeder. He was a full 2 lbs bigger than his sisters at the time of adoption!

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