Thursday, May 28, 2015

Brain Games

 Let's play fill in the blank

I'll give you a ----- a day. 
a. xanax
b. poem
c. daisy 

After inputting names address etc into the Shelter's new computer system, 
I realized I need new -------  Again.

a. cats
b. glasses
c. rabies shots

I also realized some folks have great email addresses.
Most have their nickname and a birth year. 
What with all the news about hacking, you'd think folks would get more creative. 
If I had a new email it would be:

b)not to be confused with kathys scats...ew
c) potatochipknitter

I need to listen better.
Fireman and I are together all day most days and we love it that way. 
However, my listening skills are poorer now than before  retirement. 
Too often I say, "what did you say?" because I was reading, writing, talking to the cats or in some way 
not listening. 

Maybe we haven't been listening because the dryer was so loud it was hard to hear over. 
Fireman and Fezzik are fixing the dryer. 
If I was a better listener I'd tell you what was wrong with it. 
All I know is:

a)it almost went on fire
b) it was not the drum but he replaced that anyhow
c)we've never paid a repair person in our home
d) all of the above

Since seeing my mother and witnessing her minds strange activity lately I am motivated to work my brain a bit more. 

So I: 
a) am memorizing the State Capitols
b) trying to use my non dominant hand more
c) planning to make my next mitten more complex
d) all of the above

Do you plain a brain game? 
I'd love to know


elns said...

That picture of Fireman and fezzik hard at work is adorable. 2 cuties. hehe. You mean knitting is not enough of a brain game for us?!? I think new patterns work. My little dance classes show me how I'm not as quick as I used to be, to remember steps or to do them with as much coordination. I like the idea of state capitols or flashcards. jigsaw puzzles?

karen said...

I do crossword puzzles and sudoku. I figure that's enough. When I hurt my hand as a teen I used my left (non dominant) and honed that ambi skill. It worked, sort of. I need new glasses but I'm waiting until October. I am wondering if I can see enough of the wedding with NO glasses on....I am too resistant for contacts and again, I'm up in October for insurance to cover.

Dee said...

Just getting through the day is a brain-game for me some days. LOL

But, I do play mah-jong on Steve's computer several times a week. I figure the knitting patterns are a brain game too.

Oh, and let's not forget the cross stitching. Figuring out the most efficient way to lay the stitches is a brain game.

It's a good thing to have a handy fireman (and cat) around to keep things running smoothly.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Fezzik looks like a very handy cat!

Teresa Kasner said...

Your two guys are both very handsome! I play Scrabble online and Words With Friends and I think that helps keep my mind sharp and me thinking. I also think my swimming helps keep my blood moving and my heart exercised. Getting older you just have to keep on keeping on! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

It's important to learn something new to challenge the mind every day; thus, I try new crafts and patterns, I read, I play word games, and I research. Being social is also important.

Love the photo of Fireman and Fezzik!

Nancy Kay said...

I like the photo of Fireman and Fezzik fixing the dryer; both are intent on getting the job taken care of for you! Handsome handymen, indeed. Keep curious...and willing to learn new things! Stay up with the changing times!

Katherine said...

I can see that Fezzik is a good work companion as well as a most sociable cat! I work with numbers most of everyday and I try to do math in my head instead of using the calculator, when I can. That, with all the reading I do is keeping my brain active--I hope! Brain exercises are important. My mom did what she called her "stay aware brain activities" everyday.

Araignee said...

Everything I do hurts my brain these days. I get that concern though. Daddio is very strange these days. I don't want to go there if I can help it.
That's funny about you and the Fireman. Me and The Mister shout at each other all day because after 5 years of retirement, we never listen to anything the other is saying. We just assume we know what the other said which leads to some very odd mix ups. I have a sense of humor about it, him-not so much.

Caffeine Girl said...

I think that as long as I'm teaching, I don't have play any brain games. The constantly changing curriculum and standards are game enough!

Amy at love made my home said...

I do Sudoku puzzles - does that count? I was just commenting on another blog and was saying that about blogging you have to keep doing it because when you stop and then start again it is hard. Same kind of thing I guess, you need to keep the writing muscles exercised! I love this post!! xx

Yarn Miracle said...

No brain games but I should probably start! I'm very glad the dryer only almost caught on fire. Ellie says to tell you that cats are very good at fixing things and at finding things but not good at making beds.

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