Wednesday, April 01, 2015

We Made it Through the Winter!

 So..... here we are with Christmas boot toppers. 
I had just a bit of sock yarn left from years ago in this colorway...when it dawned on me...its perfect for boot toppers. 
I think Irisheyes Lynn gave me this yarn years ago. 
Yes, I know it is finally April and I'm sitting on the screened porch enjoying a 70 degree day...
but when the knit spirit moves you and you happen to have
Christmas yarn... You go for it. 
Cast on 60 in 2 by 2 rib for 5 or 6 inches. 
Do that twice. 

This is blooming.  
I cut our roses bushes back yesterday. 
I wore gloves.
The thorns got to me anyhow. 
Oh well. 
Lots of little swear words graced the garden, but now it is done. 
I lost one rosebush to the winter. 
I intend to plant 3 new bushes in May. 
We plant Knock out roses that need very little pampering.
I want to expand my garden color way from all red flowers
with green leaves...
to perhaps some coral colors, or yellow. 

So that's the lazy post from the porch....
first one of 2015! 


Pammy Sue said...

Love those boot-toppers! Yay spring!!

KSD said...

Almost every year, my desire to work with Christmas yarn hits me AFTER Christmas. I understand the toppers.

I'm not one for yardwork. At all. Dale loved to get his hands dirty, though.

Teresa Kasner said...

Love the boot toppers.. my daughter got some cowboy boots.. she might like some of these for the tops of them. Good for you to prune the roses, we didn't get to them and they're all sprouted out now with buds ready to open! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute boot toppers!

Glad spring has finally found its way to Chicagoland.

It has been BEAUTIFUL here this week. I got out for two good walks this afternoon AND got to drive with the roof open! Yeah is tough! LOL

knitterbeader said...

cute boot toppers! I'm sure I have some leftover yarns that would work good for these.

Glad you're finally getting some warmer weather!

Araignee said...

It's still pretty chilly here. I hope that warm air is heading our way.
Love the idea of boot toppers. Now I need some boots.

Vera said...

Love the boot toppers! I plan to start some this weekend. Why do I knit with heavier yarn when it is warm and lighter yarn when it is chilly?

Tired Teacher said...

It's too early to be removing the ground cover here, but many are doing it. I even saw sprinklers on at Walmart and one house in my neighborhood yesterday. I keep saying, "It's too early, people!" No one listens to me. ;o)

Beth Coleman said...

Love the boot toppers! What is the name of that putple flower, do you know?

kathy b said...

I think the purple flower is a mini IRIS. They look just like my big Iris.

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