Monday, April 20, 2015

Ten Thoughts for Monday April 20th


*This weekend was for socks. 
I started the second sock of this pair. 
The yarn is very thin and has next to no give.
It is LOVE STORY color way in Opal. 
I won't buy it again. 

*I also started a new pair of socks, in a bigger gauge with another yarn, but that's for tomorrow's post. 

*I'm all about my rose bushes this year.  I fed them with fish emulsion liquid yesterday before our rains fell. 
Stinky stuff!  Just like when your kids don't clean the fish tank and you have to...times 10!

*Our neighborhood is full of these gorgeous pink blossoms.  And it is full of pollen...but it is worth it. 

*16 days until Fezzik comes.  
just sayin'

*We had crepes with canadian bacon and swiss cheese on Saturday night. They were delish. 

*So many sports to watch right now, but I chose a movie yesterday afternoon.
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.
It is a slow beautiful movie with a great ending. 
Look out Ellen, I want to visit San Fran now! 

*I've been missing my mom and thinking so much about her Dementia/Alz. 
I had a great dream where I brought her Fanny may chocolates last night. 

*Fireman bought me new bike handle grips so my hands won't fall asleep on rides. 
They are flatter and they are blue to match my bike. 

*I bought some new wooden size 3 double points. I decided to put a touch of bright nail polish on each needle so I know they are a group.  

Do you have a trick for keeping your needles together? 


Tired Teacher said...

I loved "The Wild Parrots" film - well done, but somewhat sad, too.

Sorry you don't like the Opal yarn: it's one of my favorite brand to knit.

Love the blooms -- none here yet, but possibly in a couple of weeks.

Nancy Kay said...

I like "The Wild Parrots" film too.

Yarn with no "give" doesn't work on socks for me either! Glad to know about this yarn. I have used and Opal cotton blend sock yarn that worked very well.

Love that tree filled with blossoms. WOW.

Judy S. said...

We saw that movie, too, and loved it. I wonder whether you got a bad ball of Opal; I have always loved that stuff. Can't wait to see the new kitty. You're in for lots of fun! I keep my dpn's in a box; most are in their little cases.

Araignee said...

Opal is an old workhorse of the sock yarn genre. These days there are so many diffrent choices. It does wear well but sure doesn't have the springiness of Socks that Rock are the other new age yarn. It took me forever to get used to the softer types but I love them now, too.
No trick for needles. They are all over the place. :(

elns said...

I'm ready for you when you come to SF Kathy! We will eat, walk & knit!

I'm sorry the yarn is making you "work", but I know what you mean.

As for nail polish color keys for sizes ... this is brilliant, why didn't i think of this?!?

knitterbeader said...

I have to agree about Opal yarn. I'm finding my current sock project is very tiring - can't wait to finish to start with a different yarn. This yarn splits all the time so I don't know if it's a split stitch or 2 stitches on the needle! GRRR!
Hadn't thought of Fannie May chocolates for years. I supposed they're still in business and I remember how wonderful they taste.
Love the idea of painting the tip of your needles to indicate a set.

Katherine said...

I like the nail polish idea! I just put mine in a small plastic baggie and label it with the size, but I like your way better.

I'm sorry the Opal yarn is not being nice to you. It sure is a pretty color though!

lyle said...

My sister (61) has Alzheimer's. I recently was given the DVD Alive Inside by Michael Rossato-Bennett. Very moving.

kathy b said...


Thank you so much. I will get ALIVE INSIDE .

Mereknits said...

Sock yarn with not give is not fun, but they are beautiful. I missed my Mon for at least three years before she passed away, she was not here anymore. I missed just calling her and chatting.
Hugs to you,

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