Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ten Things Saturday

 Every little flower deserves a shot today. 
Tank does, too. 
He has decided the porch is safe even in the daytime. 
In the past. he only came out to the porch at night when the bugs were on the screen. 
Cats teach patience, to me. 
Tank is still evolving as our cat after 2 years. 
I'm back to socks as of yesterday. 

Here are ten things I'm grateful for this Saturday:

*Linda, a new reader of this little blog. 
Welcome Linda! 

*The sun is out and coaxing all the little tiny leaves on my bushes to spread in its warmth. 

*Al's at a wedding in the Outer Banks and she's texting me photos. 
I love hearing from my kids. 

*Fireman and I rode our bikes to the Chicago Botanic Gardens yesterday.  It was a
 flat, beautiful ride. 
Am I becoming a rider? 

*The Cubs new manager got himself thrown out of yesterdays game.  Hooray, Finally, someone with a heartbeat in the dugout!

*I'm looking for new sock yarn today. 
Making a trip to Three Bags always makes me happy.

*A friend, said just the perfect things to me yesterday regarding the sad twisted situation with my mother and my father. 
If you are a praying person, say one for my sweet mom please. 

*It has been warm enough for me to sit on the screened porch this week.  We have our warm and cool days, but the ratio is improving!

*We drove with the windows down this week. 
Once.  Yippee

*Baseball, contenders in Basketball, and  playoff Hockey are all a part of Chicago this week! 

What's making you smile?


Mereknits said...

Well can I just say I am thankful for you and your friendship, but I am not thankful you have our Joe, he is a character and we miss him down here in Florida.

Katherine said...

Well I can tell you that the Cubs Manager getting thrown out makes me smile!! I'm sorry I missed that. I must go look for reruns.

My herb garden got tons of rain this week and my rosemary looks about a foot taller. That makes me smile. Dental appointment Monday morning--not so much!

Your mom and dad are in my prayers, as you are always.

Dee said...

Those beautiful daffodils and Uncle Tank are making me smile today. Of all your kitties, Tank is my favorite.

Dee said...

Those beautiful daffodils and Uncle Tank are making me smile today. Of all your kitties, Tank is my favorite.

Pammy Sue said...

Tank is so pretty. Love the gray and other muted colors in him. He's so soft-looking.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love all the flowers coming out! And good for Tank! it took Peno seven years to even come outside!

Araignee said...

Brave kitty! Mine are bringing me snakes. That doesn't make me happy.

knitterbeader said...

Tank is making me smile - "patience" is indeed something cats have a lot of.
Prayers to your mom and hope things improve.
I'm smiling because I got my computer back up and running properly after a "mini" crash yesterday. Again, "patience" won out!

Tired Teacher said...

It's not windy today - that makes me very happy - no pollen zipping through the air at 40mph!

karen said...

sounds delightful!! I have one child in Boston and my daughter is most likely moving to the west coast later this year with her soon to be husband, I'm trying to wrap my brain (and heart) around that. But I LOVE the phone calls so that is what makes me happy!!

Judy S. said...

Great photo of Tank, Kathy. He's a beauty. Nice flower photos, too.
We're smiling here because the sun is out today and yesterday also!

SissySees said...

I hope the wedding was yesterday. While the dogs and I were walking in the woods, it changed from partly sunny, to cloudy, to rain. Boo!

Prayers abound.

So... are you turning into a rider?

Caffeine Girl said...

Do become a rider! Biking is such good exercise and not hard on the body. Also, I feel so virtuous when I bike to the grocery store or library instead of burning gasoline.

I love hearing from my kids, too!

Hmm, my mom and dad have a twisted situation, too. Very trying, very sad.

Allison B said...

Hi tanky! I love you! (you too mom)

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