Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pretty Little Things

*Channon, this bag is for you. 
It is for knits, but I think it is an amazing bag.
It is on display at my LYS. 
It is pricey.
I can't find my notes, but I think it was over 40 dollars. 
(I am currently using my beautiful Dragon bag that was gifted to me during the Year of the Dragon Swap) 

*What do you think of this pretty little top?
I think it looks like it is missing an arm. 
I'd do both sides with the tie if I was going to knit this.
You know I'm knot, pun intended.  

*Long time reader Maureen, emailed me about the Hello KITTY cookies yesterday.  She wants to find them for her niece who loves all things Hello Kitty.  I love when that happens.  

*Fireman and I I gave blood yesterday. 
The techs were saying how significantly donations are down. 
Fewer and fewer donations yearly. 
I do think there are many restrictions, important ones, that eliminate donors, nowadays.  
Still, I hope more will donate. 
They treat me like GOLD when they see I'm O negative.
That's such a fun thing. 

*The mitten morph is going very well.
After a long night of Blackhawks hockey,
(we did not stay up to the end.....we were tired from giving blood!!)
I can say I'm almost done with mitten #1. 

Happy Earth Day Earth, you are beautiful. 
Thanks for the meteor shower coming tonight. 
One of my favorite places on Earth, 
is the Badlands. 
What's one of your favorite places on Earth?


lyle said...

My most favorite place on earth is looking up at the Grand Tetons outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Takes my breath away every time!

Vera said...

So many, many gorgeous places here in the US, but one of my favorite is Santa Fe, NM. LOVE that town.

Katherine said...

I would definitely give the orange shirt a second sleeve--and the tie.

Those are beautiful flowers. The colors are pure spring!

My favorite place in the world is the Rocky Mountains. I mean IN the Rockies because I love to climb and hike in them. They always lead me to say "God is in the mountains."

knitterbeader said...

My new favorite place on earth is the beautiful "red rocks" in northern Arizona. The Sedona area is just beautiful.

You can see a beautiful place where hubby and I had breakfast yesterday morning at our local golf club!

I'm also O positive, but can no longer donate blood - too many problems. But it is very important and I did it for years.

Tired Teacher said...

I used to donate frequently, but not so much anymore; perhaps, it's time to check out the next draw. I have a lot of scar tissue on my veins from the donations. The techs love to see me come in, too: I'm B-

elns said...

You ARE gold, Kathy!

I think it would be hard for me to knit something asymmetric as well. hehe. I bet it would look cute with two ties, but meh. I'm knot into it either, ha!

There are so many pretty places, non? Hawaii, Lake Powell, Lake Tahoe with the mountains! Yosemite. sigh.

Marilyn K said...

My favorite place on Earth is right where I live in W Michigan, and the beautiful beaches.

Araignee said...

My favorite place is right here in my woods. If there were no such thing as mosqitoes, ticks or poison ivy I'd be happier though.
Happy Earth Day!

Anonymous said...

That's an easy one ---- River Road in New Hope, PA. I could spend DAYS just watching the river flow by.

But, since I don't get there often ---- I'll say my second favorite is the northern end of Amelia Island. Again .....just watching the water flow by. Luckily, I'll be there soon.

Judy S. said...

Yosemite in May, hands down. But there are lots of other places that are on my list also. Happy Earth Day to you , too, Kathy.

Mereknits said...

I can't donate due to all the radiation I had, big bummer for me. My favorite place is anywhere near water.

karen said...

lots of orange/red in your photos and it feels like spring as I peruse the post. How nice to donate blood and help others in need.

Patt said...

My Dad was the same blood type. I was always weirdly proud of that about him! He was a policeman in Skokie way back when. I also have a newspaper article about him delivering the most babies on the force. No paramedics or EMT back then. They called my Dad. He even delivered a baby with my Dentist one time.

Patty said...

O negative = rockstar! A favorite place on earth...White Mountains, NH.

SissySees said...

Love the bag! Love the orange top, and the flowers.

My favorite place is ... right here. I love our blue mountains, green trees, even the muddy Rivanna River. Sedona, AZ is beautiful too...

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