Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Morphing....Mittens and When the Dog Bites...

 This is my new yarn. 
I started socks but alas, I fear I will run out with just two skeins for two socks. 
 Here's the plan: Frog it. 
Knit mittens.  
I think a little girl would LOVE mittens in this fun color way. 
Mittens are kind of socks...right? Less yardage right?
 My LYS is offering a class for this Knotted slipper pattern. 
I like the look.  Do you?
I won't make them. 
Sometimes you just love a pattern but you know you won't knit it. 
Last week Fireman and I stopped at a little bakery in a tiny town.
Hello Kitty!  

My friend Jill called me this weekend.
It was warm Saturday and the neighbors were having a campfire.
Kids running, dog running.
Then a growl and a scream.
Her Allison, was bit in the face. 
She'll be okay. 
But it will be months of skin care to avoid a scar. 
She was bit very close to her eye. 
So far things are improving. 

I love dogs. 
I wish people would keep the dog leashed with the adults, so in fairness they don't view kids as part of the pack. 
My own Huck was as "proofed" as one could be.
My mother said he was the BEST dog they ever knew. 
And they knew a lot of dogs. 
Yet my mom would say, "Never forget he's an animal" 
 and I would add,
"Never forget they are kids" 
Is there a campaign to prevent bites? 
I think I'll research this.
Maybe I'll help with this in some way. 


Tired Teacher said...

If you love the yarn for socks, knit them with short cuffs OR add solid heels and toes.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely yarn - you could make little ankle socks too!

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, I hate to see you frog the sock! But the yarn would make very cute mittens.

Dee said...

I'm so sorry your friend got bitten. I'm sure that was very scary for her.

Our neighbors dog came after me (IN MY YARD) a couple of weeks ago. I had my back turned and heard her just in time to yell her name and NO! She backed off, but I think if I had stayed turned she would have nailed me. :-(

elns said...

I love the yarn!! I'm on team Wandering Cat and say, make anklets!!

I also would love the hello kitty cookies, just to "have" so cute!

I think it's really awesome you would like to help bite prevention. But that's how cool you are.

Mereknits said...

Oh that poor little one. She will be afraid of dogs now, even if it wasn't her fault and it wasn't really the dogs. My Max despises kids, he makes a low growl when they are around and moves away from them, well he does not do that with my kids and he loves Little Buddy. Just like kids bite, hit and kick, dogs and cats bite too. But I think only the big dogs get in trouble for it.

Marilyn K said...

I think any dog can bite if threatened and kids can certainly be a threat. We always had dogs and cats but I was very strict our kids with being respectful of our pets and their spaces. The yarn is lovely....it would make nice mittens.

Araignee said...

The Mister was a mailman for 37 years and had his share of bites from dogs with people who swore they wouldn't hurt a flea. I am always shocked at the folks who walk right up to us when we have the pups out and try to pet a strange dog. Any dog will bite if frightened.

Judy S. said...

Love that yarn, Kathy. It'll be pretty in whatever you make. Cute cookies also. Good plan for a bite campaign, and I think your mom gave great advice. Kids can be very rough with animals sometimes. I have a friend whose GD got bit on the face by a friend's dog, and another friend in college who got bit also on the face by her OWN dog. I wonder how come dogs go for the face?

Mrs. Micawber said...

Darling yarn - it will make some very cute mittens. The slipper pattern is lovely but my experience with yarny slippers is that they stretch out in no time and fall off your feet. Plus they offer no arch support ... which means they probably work best with people who like going barefoot. :)

Poor little girl - I hope this doesn't put her off dogs for life. My grown-up niece had a horrible experience with an unleashed dog (a pit bull). She was out walking her own (leashed) dog, and the pit rushed across the street and attacked, and killed, her dog. We still cry about it. There was no excuse for such a thing happening.

karen said...

dogs are predictable but children are not. I have never trusted our dogs near children without supervision. Now don't get me started about loose dogs in the neighborhood. Around here people let them loose and mine is on a leash on a walk. So so so stressful.

SissySees said...

Oh goodness. Poor Allison! If you find out there's a campaign, let me know. It's not bad dogs... it's careless owners.

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