Friday, April 10, 2015


 The storms loomed around us but we were not near the devastation, up north, near Rockford.   Thanks for all those who were concerned. 
I don't know how I'll ever live in a house without a basement...
 There is no basement in the birdhouse, but we have our first family EVER in the house. I've had this house for years.  Wrens look at it and move on.  Yesterday, Fireman, (who always notices wildlife first) told me to come see the birdhouse.
It is just a sparrow and the kind that they say are overtaking the area, but I'm thrilled. 
I read you are supposed to knock down their nests ...but I simply can't. 
The image is through the screen and I apologize, but you can make out the male on the top of the house. 
My sister has asked me to knit her a pillow cover.
Have you ever done this?
I like this pattern but am not married to it. 

In my own Knitland I had a major milestone on Tuesday night.
I fixed a mistake in my lace shawl.
I didn't even use the lifeline.
Somehow, I SAW, the twist and understood the tink.
This has been my nemesis with any kind of lace knitting.
Hooray for me. 
I am loving knitting this shawl and now I can knit without fear!

Have you mastered anything lately? 
It is a great feeling! 
wishing you mastery


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Haha - I was just teasing my Dad about his sparrows in his bird house. We were talking about his feeders and he said he stopped filling the one by the bird house because the sparrows were nesting in it. He didn't want the Jays and Grackles coming around and eating their eggs... I mentioned to him that sparrows like to kick other birds eggs out of the nest and take over - they are jerks to... his reply. "Don't care - they are using the bird house!"
Though, I too love the multitude of sparrows that come to my feeder. They are fun to watch.

Suburban prep said...

Went to Three Bags yesterday on the way home. have been looking at the cowl or infinity scarf that is knit up with Kaunai yarn for a long time. Bought. Had time to start it yesterday as the TV was taken up with the devastation of the Rochelle and Fairdale tornadoes.
We did receive hail and people when they get off the expressway nearby do not take the corners very well and another street light came down.
Glad to know you are OK.
We do not have a basement so we would have had to go to some interior room.

Teresa Kasner said...

Hmm.. not sure I've mastered anything LATELY.. but have endeavored to learn and master different art forms my whole life. It's a good thing to do! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

We are expecting that storm front any minute. Thank goodness it's downgraded. I am TERRIFIED of tornados ever since I saw The Wizard of Oz as a kid.

elns said...

I laughed when I heard you say "babies!" over the sparrows.

I like sparrows. Are we not supposed to??

Yay for your lace knitting. I'm feeling anti lace these days. I'm all over the knitting place, but that's okay, I'm having a grand time!

Judy S. said...

That sounds like it was a humdinger of a storm! So glad it missed your area and that we left when we did. Only once did we experience a tornado alert: we were driving to Chicago from MPLS and at a motel near Wausau. They called our room and told us to either get in the bath tub or come to the bar. Guess where we went? It was very scary to watch the progression of that storm on the tv. It must be terrifying to experience one; they do such terrible damage when they hit.

Dee said...

Cute pillow --- looking forward to seeing yours.

I HAVE mastered something new recently. I am getting really good at giving myself injections. I can do it so quickly and slyly that you never even know what I'm up to. LOL

Katherine said...

Congratulations on the great of job of lace fixing!! It feels so good to master a task. I am so looking forward to seeing your shawl!

I am horrified that anyone suggests tearing down bird nests (of any kind). I just would not be able to do it. I love taking pictures of all the birds including sparrows and doves. I even love those mean, mean hawks.

Mereknits said...

Good for you with the fix, I couldn't tear down a nest either, is it their fault they are overtaking the area? Love the pillow, I think you should be married to it and sorry about the storm. No basements in Florida, you had better not move here.

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