Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Spring, Where fore art thou?

 I am seriously wanting some warmer temperatures here in Chicago.  This photo was taken in Virginia on a golf course last year. 
I have the itch to putt and chip.  
I don't have a long game and I don't have a short game. 
They say the short game is more important, so that's my goal this year. 
It is cold today.  40s. Sun is out though so that's a huge thing!

These are my Boot toppers for Al. 
Super easy.  They will look really sharp rolled over her boots.
She doesnt like to knit on DPNs so this is a fun little gift for her.
They count as socks okay?

 I wanted to see if I could knit some socks from the book: 
Socktopus: V-Junkie.
Okay, so I can knit the pattern easily...but do I want to?
I don't like a pattern on the top of the foot body. 
I'll let this one set a spell before I make a decision.
I do love the Lorna's lavender yarn! 

Garden dreaming is underway as well.
I need to prune my rose bushes. 
I am planning to plant 3 more bushes in the garden this year. 

The moss roses did so well near the gate that I will plant more this year there for sure. 

I am also dreaming of some big hanging plants for privacy and beauty on my far porch corner.  

Last year at the Botanic gardens they had huge pots of curry that smelled divine.  I am having trouble finding curry seeds. 

Are you knitting?
Dreaming of a summer activity?
Planning your garden?
( I know some of you are well underway in the warmer areas of the country and I LOVE seeing your gardens.) 


Teresa Kasner said...

No knitting, but crocheting. I'm leaving for New Orleans in 3 weeks. And in Summer we're driving to Oklahoma for a family reunion and hopefully will see the Grand Canyon on our way back.. then camping for a week at the lake! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy Kay said...

It's great to see your pictures. The knits for your daughter are going to be so fun to wear!

My the on

Anonymous said...

Cool temps and a slight breeze today, but the sun is shining, so I'm happy.

I don't like pattern stitches on the top of my foot either, which is why if I knit a special stitch, it is only on the cuff and leg, never the foot.

Suburban prep said...

Told myself would not complain about the weather today but I am breaking that promise. Not that I want hot and humid--which we seem to get a lot of in the summer--but nice--I'll go for 50 something.

I must admit though I am not as willing to stay in and knit when it is warmer though. Oh well trade off.

Almost went to Three bags but then I got called to do an errand for my parents. Will try and make it again.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's totally fine to do pattern on the leg of a sock, then plain vanilla for the foot. I've done it lots!. And usually the foot is hidden by your shoe, so it's the leg that really matters!

Araignee said...

We've got sunshine and warm temps here today but we're back in the freezer tomorrow and for the rest of the week. The Mister is dying to get out on the golf course but when it's clear it's cold and when it's warm it's wet. Ahhhh.....spring!

Judy S. said...

I just came inside from whacking away at our fall-blooming clematis. Wow, that thing would take over the house if it could. Hope that sunshine continues for you! It's beautiful here today, too.

Anonymous said...

Could you knit the pattern on the leg only and do a simple stockinette stitch on the foot?

I think your V-Junkie socks look great.

My knitting needles have one pair of socks (Dragonfly pattern) and a small blanket for me.

Katherine said...

We are planning the herb garden and finally getting the plants across the front of the house set in. There has not been anything in the front beds since the foundation was repaired last fall. We are still having some wacky weather but I'm planning anyway!

The boot toppers are wonderful. They are so popular now.

Patty said...

I'm planning to make my deck more of a "go-to" spot this year. Window boxes, new furniture. We'll see!

Mereknits said...

Right now I am trying to outfox Max and his strawberry plant addiction. hHe ate one that are not ripe today. He does love his strawberries! I am also obsessed with crocheting my tunic top. I can hardly pull myself away from it.

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