Monday, March 09, 2015

Cowl Finish and Shawl Start

This is my FIT TO BE TIED cowl.

I altered the pattern a bit. Of course I did.....
I knit a regular 2 by 2 rib and then joined the two ends by crocheting.
The long tie was the hardest part.  
Going round and round on 12 tiny stitches for many inches was kind of kooky, but I did it.  I do like how the tie looks.  You knit a long thin tube and then close each end.  Tie it round the seam and voila!
This pattern is in the COWLGIRL book. 
It is already gifted or I would take more shots for you.
I used Flicker by Berrocco and it is soft and will look great on my friend Mary's neck.   
Miss Pie is very happy to be out in 40 degree weather on the porch. 
I watched an interview with Cesear Milan yesterday.
He was asked about animal grief and he said this:
if the animals were bonded they will grieve but if they just shared a space they won't.  I don't think Pie is grieving at all.
Tank and Bea were out of sorts but it my have been from all our crying.
We are adjusting to the new normal.  
All of your kind comments were so comforting. Thank you thank you so very much.  

I've started this shawl.  Hold me to it. 
I can do this.  I am working on the first piece, the inner square today.

Thought for today: 
I wish I owned a car wash. 
Every car in town is getting a bath this warm 50 degree week in Chicago!


Grace said...

would love to know more about that shawl, who designed it? Have fun with it!

Tired Teacher said...

I love the finished cowl. I might have to find that book for the pattern.

The shawl is started in the middle? Does it use the mitered technique?

I'm trying a new email address for commenting. I hope this one works. Nancy - Wyoming Breezes

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm soooo glad that you're getting nicer weather! It's about time! Love your scarf, lucky friend! And the big shawl looks cozy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy Kay said...

Very nice knitting projects! Your friend is going to love the scarf!! The shawl pattern is interesting. It must be a pretty large square. I'm interested to see how it looks as you knit it up.

Suburban prep said...

My husband washed my car on Saturday and he said it was looking white when it is actually a dark blue. We were so excited to see the actual color of the car. He also washed his-- but it stays outdoors (not in the garage).

Araignee said...

It's nice your furbabies are adjusting to your new normal. It took a while after Dear Doggie departed for the other one to settle down. The new pup did the trick.
Funny story...I took our latest stray to the vet today for shots and the lady kitty I've been feeding for several months (and I thought was preggers) is a MISTER. I thought I knew something about cat anatomy but nooooo....
Love the cowl. So classy with that tie.

kathy b said...

Nancy and Grace
The shawl is started by knitting a middle square. You increase from 2 stitches in garter and when it gets to be 30 inches you decrease down to 2 squares Thats' all I've figured out so far. Grace the Pattern is a Theresa Gaffey Design no 5

Grace said...

thanks Kathy it is not available through Ravelry---just thought I would try!

karen said...

my car desperately needs a wash. However I'm too cheap and busy to run it through a wash....must do it soon though. I hope each day gets better for you :)

Beth Coleman said...


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The cowl looks great. I opened the door for the boys yesterday, and they both had a good sniff of the fresh air, but wouldn't go out yet (still to much snow!)

Mereknits said...

I believe that about animals, sort of like people, some grieve more than others. Love the new shawl.

elns said...

I love that picture of Ms. Pie outside. She is enjoying the day for sure. Your cowl looks soft. I love that color!

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