Thursday, March 19, 2015

4th Pair of Socks 2015

Pair number four of 2015, completed.
They are not a match but a companion pair. 

The Ambiente yarn knits up fast on 3s.
I kitchenered the toes (for once.) 

My next pair is going to be knit on size one needles so they won't fly off as quickly. 

Here's my tally for the year so far: 

Ambiente yarn : 2 Pair 
(one was child's pair in pink) 
Frocking feet: Sunflower socks
Lorna's Laces: beige and white ..for me 

There is so much I love about sock knitting.

The number of sock yarns available to us are really staggering in number and variety. 

Sock knitting never hurts my hands or wrists or shoulders.

Socks just never disappoint me at the finish. 

If I need entertainment, I can vary the cuff or the body or the heel.

Socks are perfect for my attention span, which seems to be growing shorter for some reason....

I can take my knitting anywhere when it is sock knitting.
(in the car, on a plane, at the doctors office, etc) 

I must love knitting them because it takes a lot for me to toss out a worn out pair of my knitted socks. 

And then, I tell myself, 
"Its okay!  I can knit more!"


Pammy Sue said...

What a pretty pair of socks. Even better that you made each little stitch yourself and get to wear them! Fun.

Katherine said...

Your socks are beautiful! I'm so happy when I hear that you are faithfully knitting socks because I am not. I have been off sock knitting for a while now and can't seem to get restarted. I am enjoying sweaters and baby things, but I need to start some socks because the ones in my sock drawer are dwindling.

Judy S. said...

Wow, Kathy, you are cranking them out!And here I am still trying to finish up a couple of sock-UFOs.... can't keep up with you, that's for sure.

Leslie said...

I make all of my socks fraternal too! I "get" your love of sock knitting! Enjoy!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Look at you go! Socks are always an enjoyable knit!

Anonymous said...

Yep ......I agree with all those assessments about socks.

Perfect knitting.

knitterbeader said...

You are a speedy sock knitter!! I'm using #2 needles on my present pair and it seems to be taking forever. However, I am using the excuse that one or two days a week I don't feel like knitting until I get through 4 vein surgeries. Look forward to seeing your next pair!

Araignee said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic finish! I don't flinch about discarding worn socks anymore either.

Mereknits said...

You are my sock knitting idol.

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