Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where' the Beef?

 *Wanna Date?

Well, sorry these are Figs. 

These are Prosciutto wrapped Figs.
I like when recipes are really just put togethers. 
You buy some dates or figs.  
You drizzle balsamic vinegar on top of them.
You layer goat cheese on top of that.
You sprinkle a TINY bit of Crushed red pepper on the cheese.
Then you wrap it in a piece of thin prosciutto. 
Broil it for a bit till the fancy bacon is crispy. 
Fireman loved these.
I made them for Zach who prefers dates but enjoyed the figs.
I didn't even try them...

We are almost 2 months into 2015 and I have kept a resolution.
I gave up beef and pork. 
Oh and lamb, but I don't eat lamb, or duck or pheasant or quail or venison. 

My dad was/is a hunter.  I grew up being asked to try the game he shot on Sundays.  Yuck.  I know what people mean when they say something tastes gamey.  

Perhaps my father was a bad shot and the animal suffered and so the taste was full of adrenaline.
Perhaps my mom didn't cook the game right. 
Perhaps knowing he was in the garage cutting the heads off the pheasants and smelling the blood was enough to turn me off. 
No matter, I like my animal meats well processed. 

Giving up beef and pork makes my tummy feel better. 
This won't last....I've done this before. 
I'm one of those all or nothing types. 
The minute I give in to bacon or a hot dog, because those are the two that tempt me the most,
then it is over. 
I'll keep it going as long as I can. 
I'm waiting on my cholesterol levels today...

 I think my week of project jumping is over. 
I found my book , 200 Knitted Blocks and picked one.
This is going to be a cowl. 
With buttons. 
Little Knots is the 4 row repeat pattern. 
I can see what I'm doing on size 8s and using sport weight. 
Wahoo!  I'm a happy knitter again. 

Fireman and I went to donate blood yesterday.
Giving up meat made my iron count too low so I had to sit it out. 
I guess since I'm off red meat I need to take a vitamin. 
I know I should know better. 
The sign there said 38% of the population can donate blood and less than 10% donate.  
Oh and there are new rules. If you get a tattoo you are no longer automatically ineligible  for a year. 

So that's the meat of the matter.
Chew on that for awhile, Okay?  


Nancy Kay said...

My dad was a hunter too. I never did become fond of wild meat, although mom got pretty good at disguising it.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My dad is a hunter too - but I LOVE venison and moose. Never been fond of duck or goose... but I don't mind a nice roast pheasant.
But yeah - the smell of the blood can be quite off-putting. I was always helping the boys bag up meat at butchering time, so I got use to it -Dave can't stand it though.
One thing I refuse to eat is rabbit - I don't care how good it tastes! It's just too much like eating my cats!

Caffeine Girl said...

Well, that is a meaty post. ;)
We eat very little red meat, more for environmental reasons than health. I'm not convinced cholesterol is significant.
I know I should give blood, but I am terrified of needles!

elns said...

Wow, I like meat. We try to portion control it around here. 1 steak for 3 when we have it. The cow we usually don't eat too much of, but yes, it's the pig. He gives you all the tasty things, sausage, bacon, ham, chops, tenderloin. My Thai side uses him a lot too. Belly, stir-fry oh my!

I am going to need to eat a salad just looking at that list.

Araignee said...

I gave up meat ages ago and don't miss it at all. My grandfather was a butcher and the sights I remember put me off it for good. I missed hot dogs and hamburgers the most but they make really good fake ones now.

Katherine said...

You are leaving meat out of your diet and I am about to turn my back on the vegetarian thing and bump up the protein with some meat. Go figure. I just feel that right now I need to cut the carbs and the meat seems to be a trade off for me.

Tattoos are a subject of discussion in our family at this time since my darling granddaughter got a teeny-tiny one that is driving me crazy--even though I can't see it! Her mom says that the discussion will be over is she and I just go get a teeny-tiny tattoo of our own. Not going to happen!!

SapphireBlue said...

I understand about growing up around hunting. I have to really not think about where my meat is coming from in order to eat it.

Anonymous said...

I have eaten "game" meat, but really prefer just ordinary old chicken.

We had chukkers once. The guy that shot them told us to look out for bird shot. Sure enough. We found a few pellets. Chew carefully! LOL

Nancy said...

I enjoy some venison (elk & deer) because it is such a lean meat. I don't eat a lot of red meat: I prefer fish and chicken and turkey.

I haven't donated blood in years, but I was a regular at one time. The techs loved to see my name on the list because I'm a B-

Judy S. said...

We eat chicken so often here that I expect to sprout feathers! Sometimes though we just have a waffle or soft-boiled egg for dinner...getting lazy, I guess. Love that new project of yours. Is that a hard stitch? My grandpa and uncle were hunters, and yes, I remember watching out for shot.

Teresa Kasner said...

I think you need a nice grilled filet mignon. :-) I'm scared to donate blood, so good for you and your guy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Beth Coleman said...

As someone who has been transfused a couple of times - thank you, thank you, thank you! Give Fireman a hug on my behalf - a grateful hug!

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