Wednesday, February 11, 2015

AL's Finish

 Lake Michigan is interesting this winter with snowballs of sand and ice caves forming on the shores.  This shot was taken quite safely from the deck above the shore.  See how dark the sky is? 
That's our sunshine in Chicago at 11 a.m. these days! 
On a sunnier note, Al's top is finished.  She would not recommend the pattern or the yarn.  It was so difficult to finish that she paid to have it finished at Three Bags and I sent it to her. 
I love the result. 

The broomstick stitch is lovely and gives it a lace look don't you think?  However, since she rarely needs finishing help, and I'm not just bragging bout my girlie, I wouldn't want to steer you down that slippery slope.  

Have a sweet Afternoon!


Nancy Kay said...

Ohhhh, brrrrr. The sky and water looks so cold. I know you are getting snow and arctic cold, and it must feel like the depths of winter. Hang in there!!

The finished sweater looks great on Al.

elns said...

Oh I l just adore the winter light and landscape in that Lake Michigan photo. Al looks good in everything, and you should brag about your awesome family as far as I'm concerned. I love hearing how well they are both doing. Anyways, I also am very appreciative of an honest review or comment on a pattern :)

Katherine said...

That lake shore looks like an alien planet. I love Al's sweater, especially the colors, but Al is so cute anything would look good on her!

Araignee said...

We are enjoying a respite from the cold but I hear you are sending it our way again tomorrow night. I'm still waiting for some snow. I think Boston is hogging it all.
Love, love, love the sweater. How gorgeous is that?

knitterbeader said...

Interesting artwork on the shores of Lake Michigan!! I'll send along some of our wonderful sunshine. It was actually quite warm today while I was out shopping - in the mid-80's. It's so early for these kind of temperatures.
Love Al's sweater and she looks beautiful in it!

Teresa Kasner said...

That is a gorgeous sweater and a beautiful daughter.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Beth Coleman said...

Gorgeous photo! (I love winter), gorgeous sweater and knockout daughter! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

Kudos to Al for seeking help rather than stuffing the sweater in a bag and putting it in the closet. She's a beautiful girl, and I know you are a proud Momma.

Mereknits said...

Al looks fantastic as always, I am not great with the finish, just saying.
Hugs and stay warm.

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