Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 16, 2015 and THE Start of a Bucket List

 I was given an owl blanket yesterday as a late Christmas gift.
Miss Pie immediately claimed it as hers.  Blind though she may be, she is very smart. 
This is my new knit.  It is A variation of Nantasket by Berroco.
Its free on Ravelry. 

I love seeing all the stitches on my needle.
I love the ease of the pattern. 
I'm a happy knitter, again. 

Someone at my LYS was knitting this pattern in a vest. 
She just omitted the sleeves.
I knew when I saw it that I'd knit it some day.
One little toddler boy will be very dapper in it. 
I have no idea who!
It is about the easiest gansey you can knit. 

Someone mentioned a bucket list the other day.
There are a few things on my bucket list:

Go snowmobiling-
Visit Alaska-
Learn to Spin wool-
 Publish my poems-
Go on a dolphin cruise or be on a boat when they follow along-
Take a picture worth enlarging and framing and put it in my home-
Learn to sew-
Go to a Green Bay Packers game-

I"ve already -
Almost had a hole in one
Canoed the Boundary Waters
Got over my fear of flying
Rode on a motorcycle (as a safe passenger) 
Learned to scuba dive
Published nursing/health articles in American baby and other National Publicaitons
Donated my hair to Locks of Love

Just curious: What's on your bucket list?


Katherine said...

Number one on my bucket list is meet Kathyb! Number two is have a room sized closet with all the accoutrements.
I love your blue yarn--as always. Pie is so cute in "her" blanket!

Anonymous said...

Pie knows how to get comfy!

1. Leg press 500#
2. Knit a sweater
3. RUN a whole 5K (right now I walk/run)
4. Retire where I can look out over water, preferably a river.

Mereknits said...

I went to the Packer/Bucs game before Christmas and we almost got hit by lightning. I loved Alaska. I want to go to Italy, England and Greece. I want to live on the water again and knit and crochet until the day I pass away.

Nancy said...

I've taken steps to check an item off of my bucket list that has been there for decades - a trip to England. It is still very much in the planning stages, but at least it is now on the top of the list!

Araignee said...

Pie looks so cozy. I've gotten addicted to making fleece blankies for the critters. I've got a pile of them now thanks to Joanne coupons.
I have one thing on my bucket list that I am pretty sure won't happen but I can still dream: See the Northern Lights.

Judy S. said...

Don't forget if you go to AK, you have to stop in Seattle!!!

kathy b said...

OH oh. My number one needs to be to meet Katherine !!! I can't wait

kathy b said...

I want to look over a lake!!! or a west view so I can see the sunset without buildings in the way

kathy b said...

Oh Yes, I do too. I want to see the NORthern Lights and a tornado from far away that doesnt hurt anyone

kathy b said...

I want to go to Seattle and see you there too!

SissySees said...

Find a new job remains #1 on my list, but yours sounds like much more fun!!

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