Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mrs. Claus

 This knitting tree garland is hanging at Three Bags Yarn Shop. 
Rustic, I say. 
Do you do tinsel? 
We cannot do tinsel due to the cats in the house. 
I love the glitter of tinsel. 
Tank's first name at the shelter was Tinsel. 
I digress..
 These lotions bars are at 3 Bags as well. I'm not a fan.
I have become a huge fan of oil free lotion. 
It is very expensive, but I love it. 
It moisturizes without any greasy feel.
I like Neutragena oil free sensitive skin lotion. 
You might ask Santa for some! 
 Have you seen Interweaves'  magazine :Make IT Knits?
I love how the patterns are right beside the photos.
I hope my library carries this periodical....
This lovely Rowan Sweater is hanging at the shop too.
There was a day I would have loved it. 
Now all I see is a big hot flash.
I love winter now because whenever I have a hot  flash I can just walk outside and immediately feel some relief. 
Perhaps this is why Mrs Claus moved them to the North Pole. 
She is such a smart lady. 
Many of our presents are marked, Love Mrs. Claus or  Love Mrs. claws...
or  Love Santa Paws.
She must do the wrapping I've decided. 



knitterbeader said...

I smiled all the way through your post!

Mereknits said...

Mrs Claus is brilliant, I bet she never had a hot flash, I might have to move up there too, well in to Chicago would help.

Araignee said...

Hilarious! So true about the hot flashes.
I put tinsel on the tree this year for the first time in ages and it is gorgeous. So far the cats have ignored it. Let's see how long that lasts before I have to vacuum it off.

Anonymous said...

No tinsel here either. We have a silk Christmas tree. I can't imagine trying to get the tinsel back off it before we store it away. We did garland for awhile, but I sort of fell out of love with that too.

I like the smell of those lotion bars, but I don't like the feel. I feel like everything I touch would get a bit of greasy stuff on it.

karen said...

no tinsel, too messy and I don't think dogs like it either. I have a little bar of that lotion and I do not like the slimy feeling but I adore the smell. I found some hand lotion at whole foods that soaks in that I like. I like the soaking in kind, just like you!

Suburban prep said...

Understand the hot flash. Was out shopping today in a tshirt and a light fleece had to take the jacket off. I know Chicagoland and going out and about like that. So different than last year when the temps were in the negative territory.

Katherine said...

I always wondered why the Claus family chose that cold climate. I love Mrs. Claus too, and Santa too of course. I started recording my Christmas movie marathon today. Every year I record every Christmas movie I can find and watch at least two every evening. DH protests but it falls on deaf ears. I LOVE Christmas!!

Caffeine Girl said...

LOL! I have the same reaction to bulky sweaters. They are so cozy -- but way too warm for me!

Beth Coleman said...

Love that garland! Hot pink sweater: not so much.

SissySees said...

Love the sweater. Not a Lavishea fan AT ALL, despite Rosanne's efforts to make it so. She loved it.

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