Monday, December 22, 2014

More Allison Knitting and Santa Claus

 Al AL AL...that's all I blog about these days!
Al is knitting her friend an heirloom baby blanket. 
Casey didn't want a baby sweater, she insisted on a blanket.
So here is her blanket creation, in malabrigo sock yarn. 
She is making up her pattern.
A lace part, a cable part and criss cross part. 

 I ran into Santa this morning.  Who knew? 
I thanked him for bringing Al home for Christmas. 
He loves nurses.  Once Santa was a hospital chaplain. 
Who knew?
We love hospital chaplains. 
and we love Santa.
Al's sweater is in a finishing time out. 
She does not like the Noro yarn for finishing. 
It breaks. 
Kibous' Moriko jacket pattern is lovely I think. 
Al made it a short sleeve sweater instead of a jacket. 
Must be nice to live in Virginia....
where the warmth lives. 
We are bringing it to Martha at Threebagsfull today for finishing. 
Al needs to visit with all her old buddies from the knitting Studio.
They are wonderful ladies. 

On with the festivities. 
Yarn yarn and yarn all around. 
Just the way I like it


Suburban prep said...

I still have projects going for Christmas--perhaps they might have to be for another reason.

Anonymous said...

Al's sweater is amazing. What beautiful colors.

Mereknits said...

Al is so cute and talented of course this blog needs to be about her.

KSD said...

Our children are fearless, aren't they? The first thing Hannah ever knit was a stuffed animal. Good for Al, taking the craft into her hands. Sorry, though, that Noro isn't being as good to her as it should.

I love hospital chaplains, and hospital chapels. I've spent a lot of time visiting folks in hospitals, and always find comfort there.

Judy S. said...

Love that criss-cross stitch. Noro yarn can be annoying, I agree; it has great colors though. Have a wonderful Christmas, Kathy!

kathy b said...

Thanks sweet Judy! YOU and your hubby and family too!

knitterbeader said...

Love Al's Noro sweater - the colors are really pretty. She's so talented - her baby blanket is lookin' good.
Did you try the crockpot candy yet? The candy is like peanut clusters. I'm still trying to get everything done before our daughter and family show up on Wednesday. Hope everything is done by then! Merry Christmas!

Araignee said...

The sweater is spectacular and the baby blanket is going to be gorgeous. How lucky to share a craft with someone so talented.

Nancy said...

Great job, Al - love the blanket AND the sweater. So smart to have someone else do the seaming: it's a chore that I avoid whenever possible.

SissySees said...

Will Al be publishing that beautiful pattern?? Please?

If ever I finish another sweater, I'm going to pay to have someone else finish it.

Love the joy in your "voice." Merry Christmas to you!

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