Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Gifts and Stuff

 Cherry BBq Sauce?
Cherry Salsa? 
As a thanks for feeding a friend's cat over Thanksgiving week these goodies now reside with us. 
Michigan cherries are the theme...
I love peach salsa so I'm sure the cherry salsa will be a hit. 
I love sweet barbecue sauce so that will do as well! Gifts are great. 
 I purposely felted my slippers and I think they are adorbs.
I will try to embroider something on the tops and then
they will be gift ready.  I'd say they'll fit a 8 month old baby....
I have someone in mind....needles and thread do not generally like me so wish me luck tonight ! I want them to be a great gift.
We took out the Christmas crap, as my friend Rita says, yesterday. I laugh, because it is not crap to me but I get her point.
In our small house we have to gather the usual stuff and put it away to make room for the Holiday stuff. 
Beatles decided he'd love to sleep on the table runner. 
We are waiting a bit on the tree itself.
Soon though, soon. I do love the tree.

I'm ready to knit to pick up my needles about now.
I never seem to get to my knitting until about 4 or so in the day.
I found a keeper: fingerless glove pattern by 
Since my oldest pair recently bit the dust, these are for me.

Have you had cherry salsa?
Is your Christmas stuff out?
Do you like to knit fingerless ???
What time do you usually pick up your needles?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I personally love cherry juice - and I can totally see cherry bbq sauce... the salsa... ? Could be interesting!

elns said...

I like cherries and chocolate chip chocolate cookies. Oooo, but for the most part I'm more salt and savory than sweet. I had a moonshine cherry recently not knowing what it was and i spit it out like a cartoon, ha!

I'm not allowed a tree until I clean the apartment proper either. But our Christmas crap and my spirit is up and at em'!

Those slippers are going to be awesome when you put your finishing touch on it, Kathy! They already look good.

Nancy said...

Not much Christmas stuff out yet - Advent wreath and calendar, a stocking, card holder.

I like to wear fingerless mitts, but with gloves underneath because my hands get too cold. I wear them alone in early Fall and late Spring.

My needles are picked up after supper, usually.

Anonymous said...

Oh my ....so many questions. Okay ...here goes.

Outside decor is up. The TV hutch has winter decor on it. But, the "Christmas Crap" is still tucked away in the cedar chest and the tree is still wrapped up in my closet.

No mitts ---- don't really see the need here in Florida. More SOCKS on the needles.

Knitting is all day, in between cleaning binges and meals, and at night while I watch TV (mostly sports).

I have NOT had cherry salsa. Sounds very interesting.

Love the little slippers. I'm sure you'll do just fine on the stitching.

Leslie said...

I love cherry anything. haven't had bbq sauce or salsa but would love to try it!

Fingerless gloves are the bomb. I'd die working in the warehouse without them. Especially on a day like today when it's in the mid 30s and raining. Feels so nice to be toasty in my house now!

Araignee said...

I knit early in the morning while everyone is still asleep and then later at night when everyone is settled in. By everyone I mean The Mister and the Pup. Isn't it funny how even in retirement it's hard to find time to fit everything in.
I love cherries and since Son moved there I suppose I love Michigan.
Only my Yankee Candle Christmas smells are out now along with the Christmas dish towels. There is way too much clutter to add a thing at the moment. I know the clock is ticking down but I'm just not in the spirit just yet.

karen said...

I do like fingerless mitts over a cheap pair of thin mitts, a perfect combination. My christmas stuff is out and displayed and I'm filled with the spirit of the holidays. Hopefully your stitching will be perfect!

Beth Coleman said...

No, no, no and as soon as I can.

SissySees said...

No Christmas stuff here, but work has been decorated for two weeks - TOO SOON!! I knit whenever I have time, and here lately that's not often. At the moment, I have a Sissymonster leaning into my lap, so even typing is a challenge.

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