Saturday, November 15, 2014

Products I Love

 Yellow rose love. 
Just looking at them makes me happy. 
They are still fresh and lovely from the party Wednesday. 
My girlfriend got them at Sams Club. 
 I'm in love with my Green Mountain Spinnery wool. 
Kid Mohair and Fine Wool, with that slippery feel to it. 
I'm on row 40 of 60ish.  
The rows keep growing, so the finish is not in sight.
I'm not knitting another thing until this is successfully finished. 
 Before I go on to other product love I have to show you 
Dink, (Humperdink) .  This kitten only wants you to hold him. 
He is as snuggly as Beatles was as a kitten.  
Westley is still more independent and the Playful hunter. 
I have the humidifier going in their room and their colds are  improving.


My biggest greatest new product find is the 
Coobie Bra. 
I am very picky about bras. 
I LOVE these.
They are beyond comfortable. 
I don't feel like I'm wearing a bra and yet they give great support. 
Found them online. 
Have 4 bras from them now....
Cool colors to boot.  

Sinful Colors Nail Polish
Color 1383 Gilded. 
I think Judy asked about it in an earlier comment. 
Gives your natural nails a bit of gold glitter but no too much. 

May I just say that I was not eating a poor diet all these years. 
My nails were awful, broken, splitting because I washed them non -stop in the NICU. 
Now that I'm nails are amazing. 
I actually have to cut them.

Daily Moisturing Lotion for Hands
Aveeno fragrance free.
This lovely lotion leaves no greasy after feeling. 

Free Holiday Music on our local Station 
24/7 now. 

Crackle Logs
The ones you buy and they burn for four hours.
They are great when you are hosting a busy party. 
My neighbor Abby has one that is made of coffee grounds. 
It does NOT smell like coffee however, which I kind of wanted!

Any new products you want to share ???? 


Mereknits said...

Not from me, but I might have to look into your recommendations, well except the bra, support is not something I need.

Araignee said...

I love my new Harmony wood crochet hooks from Knit Picks. I am picky about crochet hooks and these are wonderful much to my surprise.
Glad the kitties are on the mend!

Crafty in the Med said...

I'm off to look at that Bra! Like yourself I am very picky about my bras too and as far as I am concerned it is comfort first pretty,pretty,second!!!
Gorgeous kittens!!

keep well

Amanda x

Nancy said...

Nothing new to report here, as I tend to stick with a product when I find one I like.

Katherine said...

I love Aveeno. I usually slather it all over my body. My hands take a beating in the winter and moisturizer is a must have. I have to look up the Coobie Bras because I am ready to go bra-less if I can't find a comfortable one. I have been wearing the Genie bras but even they are becoming uncomfortable lately. Thanks for the recommendation!

My new product is my new kitchen island. It's a Winsome Mali island and I still can't believe how fast and easy it went together. Usually furniture that has to be assembled is a nightmare.

Westley and Humperdink are so cute and they have such loving foster parents that they will be healthy kitties in no time.

Anonymous said...

Yaupon tea .......I had never heard of it before. It is the only kind of tea grown in Florida ---- mild and tasty. Best of all ....local grown.


Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy! Thanks for all the kitten photos, I just love looking at them!! So sweet! I love your retirement gifts, how thoughtful of your work colleagues!
I love using L'Occitane hand cream with Shea butter, it makes my hands feel so soft! :)
Happy Sunday!
Ingrid xx

Nancy Kay said...

Just have to say that I've been wearing Coobie Bras for a couple years already, and for me, they are wonderful. Most comfortable!! I also use Aveeno lotion; great stuff for those of us that live in dry climates.

The kitty pictures are adorable. Would love to cuddle with Dink.

SissySees said...

My new finds are all running gear... other than what I've already posted on my blog. Love the Williamsburg wine, but I haven't found it locally. I may have to go visit Al!

SapphireBlue said...

I know when you work in hospitals and clinics and have to wash hands and use hand sanitizer all the time, it really take a toll on the hands.

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