Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Picture of a Picture

This is a picture of a phone picture. 
It is the best I could do this morning.

My girl, in her Rosarian sweater.  Knitted in Cosabi yarn.
Knitty Spring 2014 pattern. 
She says if she made it again, she'd decrease the amount of stitches before the ribbing so it pulls in tight at the waist.  She said she'd make the ribbing longer too. 

Sigh, I love my girl.  She's going to have a fun day. 
She's hosting a baby shower for a friend/pharmacist. 
I have been "in" on all the planning....it's going to be a fun day for the mom-to-be and the LADIES who attend. 

Al could always look at a pattern and decide how to make it HERS. 
I can only see what the pattern photo shows...

Nice Finish Al!


Nancy said...

Al is gorgeous and so is the sweater.

Barbara Vidock said...

Pretty - shawl & daughter!

Katherine said...

She is so beautiful and the sweater is perfect for her! What a fun time for her--and you! I always enjoyed hosting showers more than when they were for me.

elns said...

She looks gorgeous in it. I love how she already knows her mods. I am like you Kathy and not usually up for my own mods, even if I want to make them. I'm grateful for good pattern writers and designers.

I hope she has a blast at the shower.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy! You got a lovely daughter - and she knits, too!!! :) What more can you ask for??? ;)
The sweater she made is lovely and suits her!!!
Well done!!!
Ingrid xx

Mereknits said...

Al would look adorable in a paper sack!

SissySees said...

It's hardly an original comment, but beautiful Al and beautiful knit! Love the color.

Dee said...

Al did a great job. It's a very flattering sweater. But, I'm guessing she looks pretty good in just about everything! LOL

Araignee said...

You are so lucky to have a daughter to share your knitting with. I tried to teach mine but she only wants me to knit for her. It's not the same.
Al looks like Julia Roberts in that photo wearing her beautiful sweater. I hear she knits too.

Judy S. said...

Great photo of Al! Aren't daughters wonderful?

karen said...

beautiful girl and beautiful knit :) I am trying my hardest to get my daughter to knit so far it's not happening. She knows how to knit and is good but doesn't enjoy it. What's up with that!!

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