Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm In Love

 Fireman took this shot, hahaha, the other day from his bicycle. 
Isn't this a gorgeous buck?   What you can't see is his lover crouched down and waiting for him on a warm fall morning.
 I'm still in love with the cowl pattern that is a shop pattern from 3 Bags Full Knitting Studio.  I couldn't knit this while I was sick.
 I love Linda.  She knit her cowl with no problems at all using....of course, 
what we all love...
Road to China Light.  You already know we loved the Cat Show. 

I think I'm in love with my new knit project. 
I'm knitting a Magic Circle Vest. 
Perhaps, just perhaps, I've found the right pattern for my Sheep and Wool Festival wool yarn.  

I love fostering. 
We picked up the two little brothers yesterday.
Both all black. 
I've named the Humperdink and Wesley because I love The Princess Bride.  I'm saving the name FEZZIK for my new love:
Maine coon Cats. 
My retirement gift to me is going to be a spring Maine Coon kitten from a reputable breeder.  Fezzik will be my new big male cat.
I could take a kitten now, but its not the right time. 

Rozzy deserves peace in her final months.

Meet Humperdink. He's fun and unafraid. 
Little Westley has some socializing to do. 
He's sweet but shy. 

Love love love....
what are you in love with this Monday morning?


Nancy said...

Your house is black kitty heaven with the two brothers, Beatles, and Pie. I love it!

Do I see an i cord edging on Linda's cowl? It's lovely.

Mereknits said...

I am loving cute pictures of black kittens, and I am not loving getting ready for work.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That is a handsome buck!

Fessik is the perfect name for a Maine Coon. Our dearly departed Mopar was a Maine Coon (well - half - the other half was Siamese, but he looked all Coon). He was a fabulous cat. Absolutely sweetheart - just a giant teddy bear with a little side of mischief.

Katherine said...

Humperdink is so elegant. I'd like to know what he is thinking!

Still love the cowl. I may have to search out that pattern and knit it.

On this particular Monday morning I am in love with the fact that I get to have lunch with three of my kids and DH. Life is good!

Nancy Kay said...

Good picture of the buck; he is a handsome animal.

That's a very cool cowl pattern. And Road to China is FANTASTIC yarn; I've made one project with it.

I think it's wonderful that you foster these little kitties. This one in the picture looks a little suspicious of the camera. He's a beauty.

elns said...

The fireman's photo is amazing! I love it, from his bicycle no less.

Judy S. said...

It's sunny today and I'm lovin' it! Nice photos. No pictures of the vest-in-progress?

kathy b said...

PS there is a new post up about SALE yarns at

Leslie said...

I love the kittens. How sweet! I always wanted to foster, but never have...maybe one day I will!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with that kitten! What a face!!!!

I am in love with the rainy day that we had. The yard and the garden sure did say AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Araignee said...

What a character! Guard your yarn, that kitty has mischief written all over it.
I am in love with my new flannel lined jeans. Love. Love. Love.

gMarie said...

I'm in love with that stunning cowl! I need more information. I'm in love with reading on my Nook - it allows me to read while I'm standing for my commute (and work my Abs!). I'm in love with knitting 2 color shawls. I'm in love with moose - could Fireman shoot one for me the same way he shot the buck? g

Ingrid K. said...

Oh Kathy!!! You promised there would be kittens...but I can see only one! He is definitely a very cute one... but where is the other one??
That buck is not a kitty!!!! hahhaah!!!
You are right to love that cowl, it is so sweet!!! Your friend did a great job! :)
Right now, I'm in love with the idea of going to bed, I think I am all knitted out today!!!
Ingrid xx

SissySees said...

I'm in love with sweet Gg snuggling and snoozing on my feet. I'm in love with my new running watch and the man who got it for me. I'm in love with watching the same man play with his Sissymonster...

And I'm most grateful for the loving friend who knew I needed to be reminded that there's so much to love.

SapphireBlue said...

I love to see photos of your fosters. So adorable. Another black cat in the house. I love it!

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