Thursday, November 06, 2014

Easy Patterns

 My first fingerless from many years ago bit the dust.
I threw them out after one last wear yesterday. 
They must have snagged on something in the basket I kept them in over the summer months.  Perhaps they snagged when I last washed them to put them away.  They look like they were cut.....
Good Bye Dear Koigu fingerless. 
You were awesome. 
They were the simplest garter pattern on two needles ever.
Sometimes easy is perfection. 

I am aspiring to these crochet flowers for my newest slippers.
They would really dress them up.
Maybe this morning....
its cold
its gray 
and its a raining! 

The little Wonderbread dog that I showed you last week is improving.  She has lost 5 lbs.  She is breathing easier! 
Way to go Charlie!  She's got a long way to go...
but its a good start!

Finally do you get daily 
Knit Picky Patterns 
Most of the patterns are EASY ;)

I enjoy their lists. 
The patterns are...
all free. 
Check them out. 
It is such a nice treat in my in box. 


Katherine said...

I love free patterns so I will have to check out All Freeknitting. My favorite has always been Knitting Pattern Central--all free. So sorry about your Koigu mitts. They are beautiful colors. Can you get that same yarn again?

Nancy Kay said...

Are you going to knit a new pair of fingerless mitts??? That's one of my favorite projects to knit.

Glad to hear the good news about the dog.

Your last photo of the lingering fall leaves is quite beautiful. Cold, rainy weather...brrr...

elns said...

I like my fingerless mitt pattern too. Easy. I will need to finish my pairs and then move on ...

I always want something easy, but keep dithering around with different projects. sigh.

Nancy said...

Yes, I get the All Free Knitting email and enjoy looking at the patterns.

Do you think a moth attacked your mitts?

Dreary here today, but no moisture or wind.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I hate it when old knits breakdown.
Love the picture of your leaves.

Mereknits said...

Ah the poor mitts, they were loved. Love your swap from your last post, very fun and good news about the poor bread dog.

SapphireBlue said...

While it's difficult to give up the items you have worked so hard on, I'm sure you will have some new fingerless gloves to show us soon. Such a bummer to see them go though.

Judy S. said...

Oh, I love Koigu yarn; the colors are always so fun. Sorry about your mitts though. I have a hat pattern with a similar, but knitted, flower, so if the crocheted one doesn't work, give a whistle.

KSD said...

I've been worried about the dog; thank you for letting us know about her.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing in knitting beats fingerless mitts. I'm like them the way other knitters are about socks.

knitterbeader said...

Sad for your Koigu mitts, but I bet you've already picked out a pattern for a new pair!! I love knitting fingerless mitts, and my family loves that I do. I also get the All Free Knitting email and love looking through the patterns!

Araignee said...

Poor old mitts....but knitting new ones is always fun. I love those slippers. So fun!

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy! Shame about the old mitts! But I would have never thrown them away!!! You could have done a simple crochet border around the edge to stop the fraying!! Or alternatively, frog it and use the wool again! Hope it's not too late!!!
Of course, new mitts would be lovely, too!
Ingrid xx

Seajaes said...

I'm glad wonder dog is doing better. Keep us updated and more pics. Poor darling.

SissySees said...

Oh, I'm glad the sweet pup is on the mend... losing end... getting better!

Sorry 'bout your mitts. You can totally crochet those flowers! Go Kathy, go!

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