Monday, October 13, 2014

What Would You Do With a Unicorn?

So Threebagsfull has many many mini skeins of madeline tosh unicorn.  5 bucks a skein.   I was drawn to them. Upon further thought, however, I hate weaving in I doubt I'd knit much with these.  
For those of you who haven't seen Unicorn Tails, beware they are enticing.  

You know I love all things Halloween.
My celtic roots began the whole thing hundreds of years ago.
I must watch YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN each season. 
I love Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin.
I have two black cats and plan to have many more. 

Would you unicorn? 
Do you Halloween?


Nancy said...

I've never been much for Halloween, but I do like singing the Charlie Brown Pumpkin Carols.

The unicorn tails do sound enticing. . .

SapphireBlue said...

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I think my love of it goes back to my Mexican Day of the Dead heritage as well.

Katherine said...

You know I don't do Halloween but it's there and must be dealt with so I try to get with the program. In good humor. I would love to have a unicorn! I think that horn would be useful around some of my more difficult clients. One just left so I'm thinking of all the possibilities. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Not much for unicorns, but I definitely do Halloween --- I'm even knitting some pumpkin socks.

Those mini-skeins are pretty colors. I can see why they drew you in.

Judy S. said...

Haven't done unicorns but would love to see a real one! ;>) These days Halloween is with the grand kids but used to make lots of costumes in days gone by.

Araignee said...

Love, love, love Halloween. Always have. It's my favorite holiday but I'm sad that the trick or treaters have disappeared. How awful it must be to be a kid growing up in a world where streets and treats aren't safe anymore.
Unicorns remind me of rainbows. I don't know why-but I love rainbows so I must love unicorns although I have never met one.

Alyssa said...

I haven't been in a yarn shop lately, so I don't know the hip trends... and hopefully I can stay that way while I pare down my stash! But that Unicorn yarn looks so nice... n__n

SissySees said...

Unicorn = mini skein? Got nuthin'.

Love all things Celtic, pumpkin, dress-up and a masquerade, even bobbing for apples, but I don't like Halloween. Like saints and the idea that my departed relatives are looking out for me ... but you can have all of my candy corn.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy, those unicorn skeins look interesting, I love these shades. They might be useful for adding some skinny stripes to a larger project perhaps, every now and then?! If they are very soft, I would crochet myself a necklace with them! :)
Have a good week!
Ingrid xx

KSD said...

Ya know, I've never cared for Halloween, even as a child. My daughter LOVES it, my son HATES it.

Oh, mini-skeins, how I love them. . .

Mereknits said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Mr. 20's birthday. It explains a lot about his personality, sweet and sometimes scary.

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