Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Cold Hard Truth: it itches….

So last night I went to Three Bags Full in Northbrook, to take pictures for the studio's blog that I write.
has a new post up today with all kinds of pictures from the event. 
It was very well attended. 

I intended to stay a half hour and couldn't get enough with the hour that I did spend there.  
I was busy promoting the blog, taking pictures and chatting with customers.

One lady who is a long time knitter, and I got on the topic of cotton.  "Cotton grows, and it grows and it grows, " she reminded me. 
How true.  We both looked at the crocheted cowl above, and
she insisted even that would grow.  The book 10 simple crocheted cowls is for sale at the studio.   The lovely cowl is crocheted in cotton.  She thought the knots Might, just Might, help with it not growing too too much. 

"When I knit with wool, my hands get hives, she said.
She also said her grands don't  want anything she makes them if its with wool;  because - -  --- it itches.. (yes Franklin Habit was right) 

I want to remember her wisdom.  Cotton does grow and grow.  I will be frogging the cotton vest I made last fall…
due to growth. 

I'm grateful for silks and acrylics and blends that is for sure. 
It is true, however, that nothing bounces back and looks more lovely to me than wool. 

I can handle wool on my hands and feet and I'm grateful for that much.
These wool  turkish bed socks take only one skien of koigu. 

One lady was showing her friend 3 skeins of wool she was choosing for her granddaughters hats, and she said, 
"Do you think it will itch?"
We sure did think it would itch. 

 I know you can use hair conditioner to soften wools, but I've yet to really see a big difference.

I want to knit the hooded scarf pattern next, but I have to find an acrylic…or something…

Wool and I ….. we have a troubled past…

tips for my future? 


Katherine said...

Tip for the future--Eucalan. I love the stuff and soak all the wool objects I knit in it. Before I sent the recent (acrylic) baby blanket off I soaked it in Eucalan. It was soft as a little baby's butt and smelled sweet. I prefer the eucalyptus scent. I also like knitting with cotton but yes, it grows!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My tip - superwash wool. The process that makes the yarn washable also smooths down the rough fibers that cause the itch.
That and I find most merino is pretty itch free - superwash or not. If it just says wool, I won't buy it, but if it's merino... it's allllllllll good.

Mereknits said...

My hands have been breaking out and I think it might be the dye on the Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn I am using to make dishcloths.... and you are right wool itches, yet I can't stop using it.

Nancy said...

Hmmm, I've never had problems with wool and my skin is pretty sensitive. I guess I've been fortunate, huh?

kathy b said...

Okay eucalan it is. I would be sooooo grateful if it works Katherine

Araignee said...

Cormo doesn't itch me one bit and I am very, very sensitive to itchy wool. I could knit underwear out of the stuff. It is hard to find and when you do it's expensive. That's why I wash, dye and spin my own. It's worth it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had problems with itchy wool, but I've never tried making a sweater. Feet really aren't that sensitive to the itchies.

Hope you find a wool that you love.

Nancy Kay said...

A fine merino wool is nice, as is baby Alpaca. One of the best combos is merino wool and silk! All these seem itch free and soooo soft.

SissySees said...

Bambroo grows like crazy too, maybe even more so than cotton.

Gg is VERY upset because the automatic light on the back deck is out. SIGH.

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