Wednesday, September 03, 2014


 I have just two projects on my needles these days. 
This very old WIP  is a sock yarn cowl. 
I apologize for the awful picture. 
Suffice to say its miles of stockinette and perfect for knitting while chatting.  (and watching the Duggars. It is silly, but  I confess, they captivate me) 

The other project is the lace fingerless gloves.
Completely opposite in knit energy.
I really have to focus on the 4 row lace repeat. 
Good knit friend Karen, suggested I count stitches after each row.
So far this has helped me stay on track. 
Simple trick, keeps me from frustration.
If I'm off on the count, I tink back then and there. 
Even a four row repeat can tangle my little knit mind. 
I get silly looking at the lace pattern actually working!
The hummingbird is back.  Again, I apologize for the lousy photo.
She's there on the left side of the feeder if you look closely. 
We haven't had any visitors since May. 
Guess we are just a migrating stop for this one.
We were hoping to have them all summer, but they ditched us.
We get very silly when we see one at the feeder. 

I'm reading a book on prayer. 
It is thought provoking.  Not silly.  
I imagine prayer should be silly too, God must be bored with all the beseeching.  I do think God blesses us with humor. I shall try to give some back. 
"Dear God, Please send me a good belly laugh today, I shall try to be less serious about today.  I promise to think of you when I'm chuckling!" 
Al sent me her Nook with many books already loaded on to it.
I can only chew on a few pages a day of this one.

What are you reading? Knitting? 
silly over?


Katherine said...

The cowl is beautiful! Love the blues. I can't wait to see your lace mitts. I finished the baby blanket and have started a sweater. I'm hoping to be able to use it in the next few months!

We still have hummies. They come and sit on the feeder by our window while we eat breakfast and dinner everyday. They just sit there and stare in at us. I wonder what they are thinking.

Nancy Kay said...

What a good idea to make a cowl out of sock yarn scraps; I think I need to consider knitting one.

I'm going to Jackson Hole with my needle-felting, having been invited to display and demonstrate the craft in a Friday evening gallery walk-though. I'm feeling some sillines over the opportunity. Hope it's fun.

Gracie Saylor said...
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karen said...

I try to not beseech and thank just as much :) Love the sock yarn knitting, like my blanket only smaller!! Love hummingbirds and how lucky you are to see them!

elns said...

sock yarn cowl? Kathy you're genius. I was thinking about an eventual scrap idea, and the thought of one of those blankets with all those tiny squares that need to be joined made me nauseous. Maybe I can knit a tubular one in the round!

I like silly. I like thought-provoking, and I tell you the two are often best friends seen together. My silly contribution today is chair dancin'. I had some work today that required some method and focus which meant headphones. I didn't care who walked by the cube. I swear, isn't chair dancing why we have swiveling desk chairs in the first place? ;)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That cowl is going to be nice and cozy

KSD said...

One of my favorite things about knitting is finding uses for leftover sock yarn. Frankensocks, fingerless mitts, pet blankets, pet toys. In fact, I'm working on something right now that I plan on turning into a line of products at etsy.

And I'm reading "Hyde," by Daniel Levine.

Caffeine Girl said...

I love your sock-yarn cowl. It's both pretty and fun!

I'm reading for work mostly, books about education, but also a Zen classic, "Wherever You Go, There You Are," by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Araignee said...

Love the cowl. It's fun. Your friend is right about counting. I count every pattern repeat at least twice in every row because I am that afraid of making a mistake with lace. I always use tons of stitch markers to make that counting easier.
I need a good laugh today. I need to stop reading blogs and go find something funny on Netflix.

Nancy said...

The scrappy cowl is wonderful - colorful and practical, but not silly.

I need to find a good comedy movie to watch on Netflix. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think God probably DOES appreciate a good sense of humor in his people. LOL

I'm reading --- well, actually nothing right now. I pulled a book off the shelf --- the first Rose Harbor book by Debbie Macomber, but I didn't start it today like I planned. I also bought a Galaxy s5 book that I need to work my way through. Then there is the new Southern Living that came today AND three socks that I'm working on. NOT.ENOUGH.HOURS. LOL

kathy b said...

I own that book. It is wonderful

kathy b said...

Nancy and araignee. I've heard hotel Transylvania is funny. A Kids flick

kathy b said...

and in the interest of SILLY: GOd Bless Joan Rivers..she made us laugh..

SissySees said...

I'm not knitting. Baby kickbag #4 was a fail - cotton grows - and nothing else is speaking to me. I NEED to start reading The Soundy & the Fury for book club because I haven't read this awful year, and ...

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