Monday, September 15, 2014

Not So Simple Woman's Daybook Thoughts

 Outside my window - I am not seeing hummingbirds that Fireman saw yesterday.  
I am thinking - my Chicago Bears Knitted hat for Zach helped them win last night.  
I am thankful - for so very much.  Rozzy is having a good stretch. 

In the Kitchen - I'm just loving my Keurig.  Fresh cuppa each morning.  Thanks to all who encouraged me.
 I am wearing, a green long sleeve sweater that people often ask if I've knitted. ha!

I am creating - a hooded scarf with my Sheep and Wool Festival Green Mountain Spinnery Yarn.  Natural brown. 
Minimally processed and surprisingly soft. 
40% kid mohair 60% fine wool.
It is supposed to be a cold winter…
Pie loves this yarn and wants to lick it.
I am going -  to look at the lot down the street where they, this very morning, knocked an old house down.  I'm pretty sure that critters were living quite happily in there.

I am wondering - how I'll feel when we knock this house down someday. 

I am Reading - A book On Catholic Prayer. It is very easy to read. Short chapters.  

I am hoping - that the sun comes out for the rest of this week. 

I am looking forward to -
Kayaking in Lake Michigan this week. 

I am hearing - the construction crew down the street. 

Around the house - we can't decide if we need the a/c or the blankets from one day to the next.

I am pondering - planning a Halloween dinner party without any costumes, before the actual day.  

Favorite quote: "I believe this will be our finest hour"
from Apollo 13.  Wow, hope in the face of disaster.

Plans for the week: 
Volunteering in the OR at The animal hospital,
kayaking if the waters are calm,
knitting and possibly working if needed. 

Peek into my day:
you just did!
And the picture of Fireman in the hardware store,
reminds me of me in a yarn shop.  He just loves the hardware store.  

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karen said...

Knocking down houses is sad,but necessary. I am positive your hand made hat had something to do with the win, you might just have magic powers of the knitting kind!

Nancy said...

Here's to a great week!

Nancy Kay said...

Here's to a great week ahead! Fireman in a hardware store looks very much like one of us gals in a yarn store!! Good one.

Gracie Saylor said...

Yup, I see it too, Fireman definitely has "the look" on his face that I have seen on women's faces at a yarn store. I love the comparison :-) [I like reading through some of your other thoughts as well, Kathy]

Anonymous said...

Such good news on Rozzy!
kim in oregon

Katherine said...

I love the picture of Fireman in the hardware store. DH and I just came from the hardware store and had so much fun. He came home with a dremel. I didn't know we needed one until he told me what it will do which is pretty much anything.

Your quote is wonderfully uplifting. I heard a good one this week--"It's not about the days of our lives, it's about the life in our days." Billy Graham.

elns said...

That picture of Fireman in the hardware store is too cute. I love the parallel of you in the yarn store. Love it.

As for the Bears ... well you know who they came from behind to beat ... groan. Love ya anyways Kathy ;)

Anonymous said...

If this winter is like LAST winter, that hooded scarf certainly will come in handy. That's a pretty yarn you are going to use.

SissySees said...

I'm watching the Knight and Sissy talk about going night-night. Gg is pressed to my hip. Life is good.

Araignee said...

The first place The Mister and I went after we got married was a hardware store. Aren't we the romantics.

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