Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Wednesday...

 Yesterday was for fishing with friends.
There is a  certain Panic setting in amongst us all with regards to our beautiful weather ….

There is so much to enjoy this time of year. 
I had a great weekend, and turned down tickets to Carrie Underwood at Ravinia, and the horse show in Antioch. 
This time of year there isn't enough time…for
all the lovely outdoor things we can enjoy. 

It could not have been prettier or more perfect on our friends pontoon boat. 
We caught nothing for a long time and then the fish starting biting.
We ended the day with more fish in the last hour than ever. 

On the way up to the lake, I knitted of course.
Fireman commented, "Whatever you are knitting it sure seems like its a pain the ass." 
I didn't know it showed.
My lace fingerless are moving right along, and I wanted a challenge.  
Yet, I'm ready to be done. 
….but I'm all or nothing -

so the fingerless finish may just be today. 

Rozzy update: 
She's not crying anymore !
Such a relief. 
Off the Elavil.
No accidents so far. 
Fingers crossed. 
Thanks for all the fur baby love

(A new post is up at
I'm in love with the Silk Heavenly Leaves shawl….I couldn't stop touching it…..ahhh silk lace…you had me at hello)


fancystitching said...

Lovely lake(?) pics! Fishing is either boom or bust, and very seldom between. Glad you ended the day on a boom... that is always nice!

Kim in Oregon said...

Happy for the Rozzy news!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Glad to hear Rozzy is holding her own!

Nancy said...

So glad to hear that Rozzy Is no longer crying. It's so hard to see someone we love suffering.

Wow, what a gorgeous place to visit and to fish!

The weatherman is beginning to use the "S" word in the forecast: it's too early for that, much too early!

Suburban prep said...

Turning down tickets to Ravinia?
We went the weekend before when Toto and Michael McDonald were there.
If the tix you turned down were the ones on Friday--lucky you--we had no electric. We got it back on late Saturday. Ran into my parents condo to put food in their freezer because as it was we lost some of the food we had just purchased.
Ran back in on Sunday to get the food.
The pics you have are beautiful.
I almost thought it was Lake Geneva.
Drove into Evanston (as my father is doing intense PT) today--even with the rain--wanted my parents to partake of the birthday cake -- mine today.

Dee said...

Sometimes knitting does look like a pain in the ass. Sometimes it really is. LOL

Your lake view was gorgeous. A pontoon boat is a nice, relaxed way to travel.

Nancy Kay said...

Beautiful lake pictures. What a gorgeous location for a house and boat! I'm glad you got lucky on the fishing by the end of the day. It would be tough to turn down Carrie Underwood tickets; I saw her show a few years ago, and it's terrific! This time of year there are usually so many things going on...decisions, decisions!

Go, Rozzy, Go!!

Mereknits said...

A day on a pontoon boat with friends sounds about perfect to me, well that is if I could knit and not fish.

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