Monday, September 08, 2014

Half Way There….

*I love this pattern. 
Little Arrowhead Fingerless Gloves by

I have one done and it was fun.
Karen told me to count my stitches on each needle before I proceed with the next row. 
That little tip made me successful. 
There are only 18 stitches on each needle. 
That helps. 

I am knitting with Madelon Tosh Sock yarn.
It is dreamy let me tell you. 

I had to take a brain break last night after I finished glove number one.   I spent an hour on my leftover sock cowl in straight stockinette. 
Today, I'll cast on glove number two.
They will be even prettier when I block them. 
The thumb gusset is cleverly constructed with the body of the glove.  Great, clear instructions…
Just what I need. 

Why my friend Mary was feeling good, she'd say to me, 
"Honey I could FLY the plane today" 
that's how I feel after succeeding with a lace glove. 

What's going on in your knit bag?


Suburban prep said...

I have five projects going at the same time.
I always have to bring one with me where ever I go, if I don't my husband wants to know if something is wrong.

Nancy Kay said...

Very cute fingerless mitts. What a great pattern, and I can imagine how soft the Madeline Tosh feels. Way to go!

Nancy said...

Fabulous mitt! Madeline Tosh is heavenly yarn, and the grey is gorgeous.

A stalled baby blanket is currently on my needles. . .

The Knitting Kat said...

A continued effort in WIP and stash busting, with minimal bunny-hopping. I so desperately want to cast-on something, anything new and exciting!!

Ljubinka said...

Have a nice week.

Gracie Saylor said...

Bravo for successful counting! Knitting projects on hold while I try to finish crocheting my Ruby shawl in nine days and it requires a LOT of counting so far :)

Katherine said...

Oh how I love your mitts!! You are going to enjoy them so much when the weather gets cooler. I think I need a break from the sweater (which is coming along) and the mitts would be the perfect thing.

knitterbeader said...

Beautiful mitts and the Madeline Tosh is such a nice yarn. I am currently working on fingerless mitts also. Finishing the thumb today on the first mitt, then on to the 2nd.

Caffeine Girl said...

I thought that was Madtosh. There is something distinctive about the Madtosh sheen. It's a lovely pattern. I love doing fingerless gloves. They are relatively quick and very satisfying.

SissySees said...

Beautiful! Go you, you lace knitter you! I haven't done fingerless mitts in ages. There's nothing really going on with my knitting... maybe this would be a good start?

KSD said...

I love, love, love fingerless gloves!

I'm working on boot toppers, a kerchief/shawl and some new things for my etsy shop. Staying busy.

Araignee said...

That is a nice mitt!
I finished a mitt today, too. It's not as fancy as yours but its knit with my handspun and that always makes a project special-a bit wonky but special.

Mereknits said...

Gorgeous fingerless mitts, made in my favorite color!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am embarking on the great sock race ......LOL

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