Friday, August 29, 2014

Very Random Post

 This is a famous person's lap pool.  
I love it. 
I think it was on MSN's page under Shirley McClaine. 
I'm not certain.  It may have been Sheryl Crow's pool. 
Neither of them knows me or reads the blog, so I'm pretty sure I won't offend. 
People complain about the internet for many good reasons, but I love it for these random lovely images. 

 Tank's been very happy to sit in our west window.  I'm cat sitting for a neighbor over this holiday weekend.
I feed her cat, and she has ferals the come to her door in the evening.  She has me feeding them too. 
I find them fascinating. 

A hummingbird came to the feeder last night. We had high hopes of regulars in May when some arrived. Then they ditched us . 
The parakeet has not reappeared since the other day. 
I'm going to be watching for other hummies now. 

I think this tablet cover is lovely.   It's on my maybe next list. 
Also on that list :
I need to find a hooded scarf pattern that I love.
I love a hood. I've glanced at a few patterns, but nothing is calling me. 
If you have knitted one or if one's on your list,
let me know, Okay? 

I'm overjoyed to be off for the Labor Day weekend. I worked my summer holiday over Memorial Day weekend. 
There's going to be a lot of knitting. 
I can get used to this not working holidays thing! 


Kim said...

Do the ferals have tipped ears? Just wondering. There's an 'alleged' feral in my neighborhood who is the sweetest cat in the world.

Katherine said...

You are so lucky. I tried to get a holiday cookout together but all our nurses are working as is the fireman. As usual we will be celebrating the next weekend. More knitting time for mom!

I love the tablet sweater. I have been missing Fair Isle and it makes me want to knit some mitts or a hat with pretty flowers in Fair Isle.

Beautiful pictures!!

Nancy said...

If I knew how to swim, I'd love having a pool like that. . .

Great photo of Tank - almost looks like he is posing.

Judy S. said...

Tank has blue eyes? I love that tablet cover; is it on Ravelry? Have a nice weekend!

kathy b said...

Yes Uncle tank has beautiful blue eyes. He's part Siamese

kathy b said...

That pad cover was not on Raverly so far as I know. It was in a Interweave store ad

elns said...

It would be amazing to swim in that pool!

I love that tablet cover. I thought the photo of tank was ... a photo of tank. Instead of the curtains framing him. I thought it was a picture of him on fabric background, funny, right?

I hope you have a wonderful, fun, relaxing, knit-full weekend.

KSD said...

You've probably already found these on ravelry, but here are the links anyway:

I used to have a great hooded scarf pattern --- I'll see if I can find it and get it to you.

kathy b said...

Thank you Kim> IM in love with the blue heel hooded scarf. Its next up for me!!!!! I hope I can do it. Its time for a little challenge

Araignee said...

Look at those eyes! I've got a herd of blue eyed cats and I can't get enough of them.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Yay for holidays! And for weekends. So very humid here so mostly I've been in pajamas crocheting, though I did have to clean for a few hours today. I feed poor street kitties here -- there are so many. Makes me very sad. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Nancy Kay said...

I liked all the randomness of this post. Nice pictures! And I hope you are relaxing and knitting all weekend!!

SissySees said...

I did a wonderful, thick, basketweave hooded scarf for my aunt a couple of years back. I have others on my favorites list on Ravelry... maybe?

Anonymous said...

Tank has the most beautiful eyes!

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