Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Friend In Need….

(Karen's find at Stitches Midwest.  Now she'll never run out of yarn  no matter where she goes. Love the color, love the teeny tiny skein)

*I need help friends!  Our Cuisinart coffee maker is biting the dust. 
We bought it 7 years ago when Al worked at Starbucks. 
We got a steep employee discount. 

*Should we get a Keurig? 

*We make a pot of coffee every day.

*We pour some of it out every day. 

*Fireman is an early riser.  My coffee is generally 3 hours old when I pour it. 

*My favorite coffee is by far, French Press?  Can any machine match that?

*Help help help.  I suspect you will have opinions and I value them!!

*Fireman loves Seattle's Best Coffee.

*The best coffee I've ever had was in Mexico.  It was so smooth and wonderful.  We ordered a carafe every morning room service. 

*What's your favorite coffee?  Should we get a Kuerig or not?
Where have you had your best cup of coffee ever? 


Mereknits said...

My husband is the coffee drinker at our house and he has a Keurig and loves it. I wan those earrings.

knitterbeader said...

I say Keurig because we have one. I think it makes a good cup of coffee and you never have to throw any out - always have a fresh-brewed cup.

The Knitting Kat said...

I'm a big fan of Keurig (my sister has one). Super great for different rising times, love the variety of flavors and easy to clean! Not the best if you're trying to make enough for 6+ to drink at once, but otherwise it is great. Yummy hot chocolate too

SissySees said...

I'm another Keurig fan, but I am as picky about my coffee as my tea, and the Knight likes that he can make hot cocoa in it too. There's a rumor that I got my previous job because I came with a Keurig...

Nancy said...

Sorry, I can't help you because I drink tea, lots and lots of tea!

Judy S. said...

We don't drink much coffee here, but our daughter has a Keurig and loves it.

kathy b said...

Okay we got the Keurig! Can't wait for the morning to try her out! Thanks reviewers!

Araignee said...

Congrats on your Keurig! Daughter took hers when she moved out and I miss it. It's too pricey for me but it was fun while it was here. BTW I only drink instant decaf coffee. The place where my gall bladder used to be won't let me drink any other kind. Boo. Happily The Mister still brews a pot every morning so I get my morning fix through my nose.

SapphireBlue said...

We never use our coffeemaker because I do not drink coffee and hubby does not want to throw out extra coffee. It seems like a waste. We want to get a Keurig. Hopefully, we will for our anniversary.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Though I'm not a coffee drinker, the best cup of coffee I ever smelt and sipped was in London (it was my sister's coffee), in a little cafe on Leicester Square. Slightly smoky, smooth and full-bodied, and with a lovely crema on top. It was amazing. :)

Good luck deciding!

Mrs. Micawber said...

P.S. I mean Happy Keurig-ing! :)

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