Thursday, July 03, 2014

This and That

 Happy Holiday Week.  
We have glorious cool weather with abundant sunshine.
Plans cancelled this  a.m. so I got my walk in before 0900.
I felt like so much pressure was off me once my steps were in.
I certainly won't wake up early daily for that feeling, but it is interesting how happy it made me. 
 Bea, ever compliant, let me dress him for the Fourth. 
He even looks content over my shoulder. 
Fireman built me this darling shadow box feeder ,today. 
I now have a feeder out my kitchen window. 
We saw it on P nterest.  

I'm trying to knit up something without a pattern. 
It is a surprise.  
It is not a Trap. (Trap number 5 is on the needles however) 

My Al is expecting a hurricane. 
She'll be fine.  Nathan is level headed. 
I cannot believe no one has come up with a hurricane
themed Fourth of July storm marker.  

Plans ?  Knitting?  Weather by you?


karen said...

Glad you got your steps in early in the day, hope the hurricane misses and have a very happy Fourth of July:(

karen said...

Meant a smile face!! :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the feeder!
Our humidity finally broke, but it looks like we are only going to get a day or two reprieve then back to sweaty weather!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think that is a content kitty face. I think that is a "plotting your demise while you sleep for dressing me up" face.

But, I have to admit .....too darn adorable!!!!

knitterbeader said...

Amazing how good a walk makes you feel. I love Arizona weather, but for about 3 months it's too hot to get out and walk outside, so have to save it for when I'm out shopping! It's already in the 90's when I get up in the morning (7:30-8am).
Love the bird feeder.

KSD said...

Weather: insufferably hot. Plans: moving daughter back into town. These things will not be happy partners.

Araignee said...

Thunderstorms all night here. We are watching and waiting and hoping that hurricane blows on by the Maryland shore. We've got a fridge full of crabs and at $200 a bushel the power better darn sight not go off!
That's such a sweet kitty. I would have needed stitches if I had tried that with one of mine.

Nancy said...

Love the bird feeder - very clever.

Cool today, but tomorrow and Saturday higher temps predicted. I don't have plans for the weekend, so knitting may be in order.

Lynn said...

I LOVE your bird feeder!! One kid will be heading out to a play with a friend, the other one may go with me to do some geocaching and then watch the fireworks. We'll also be looking at vehicles....

Stay safe!

SissySees said...

Really? That's a content face? If you say so...

Al will be fine. Her new, eastern hometown was built to withstand the sea's worst, and from what I'm seeing/hearing from OBX, this is a tepid, Cat. 2 storm, behaving more like a Cat. 1. I just hope if she has to work, they have a good generator!

Katherine said...

Plans - none
Knitting - easy-peasy shawl
Weather - not so bad.

The bird feeder is adorable! Tell Fireman he did good!

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