Tuesday, July 01, 2014

In Short -

 My lily is blooming, 
My roses are too,
My windows are open,
The Coldfront came through.
That's the end of the poems for today. 
However, I have images of the Anzula Luxury yarns now available at 3 Bags.  
I am partial to the purple nestled next to the green. 

Wacky weather for most of us in the mid- section of the U.S. yesterday.  

Midway through the storms last night we lost power.
It was nearly my bedtime, and the windows were able to be opened.
I sleep on the breezy side of the bed. :) 
Long story short: I
swam last week instead of getting my steps.
I now have an ear infection. 
Modern medicine has come a long way.
You can take an antibiotic twice a day now.
Such a convenience!  
Last thought for today's post:
I'm in love with Misti Alpaca's
Cotton silk blend yarn. 
IN other words: This Trap's for ME!
No wool to even suggest an itch. 
Can't wait to show you..


Katherine said...

Sorry swimming left you with an ear infection. Do you put alcohol in your ears after swimming? That always made the difference for me.

Can't wait to see your "you" Trap! I am starting a easy-peasy shawl as soon as the baby blanket is finished (this weekend I hope).

Nancy said...

Whenever I get into a pool, I end up with an ear infection, and I don't know how to swim!

elns said...

I love swimming, do you often get ear infections from swimming? The lily picture is very pretty. I like your short but sweet post. What are you going to knit with that purple yarn? Too many questions?

kathy b said...

Ive never had an ear infection….before!
I don't own any of the luxury yarns….yet :)
i love the purple

Araignee said...

Beautiful lily! I tried to grow a pink one but I think something ate it.
Feel better. I've got some summer bug thing going and I feel icky. I need to be better by the 4th.

Lynn said...

A cool front came thru?!?!? I wont be hearing those words for a while......instead I hear things like tropical storms and cones of despair.

suburban prep said...

I am loving the cool front. I do not do so well in hot and humid weather which is what the Chicagoland always seems to get. I should not complain espcially since we had such a "lovely" winter.

Sorry you ended up with an ear infection.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those storms totally passed us by so it's disgustingly humid here still... ugh!

Judy S. said...

Those storms sounded scary! Sorry about your ear and glad there was an "easy" solution. Such a pretty lily and a great color,too. Love that yarn. What's it going to be? You should be getting some hot weather from us soon..... (At least my sister blames us! LOL)

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