Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another Acrylic Confession

It's italic font day.  I just said so.   It's also barely 70 degrees outside and this post-menopausal knitter is mighty happy to have a light sweatshirt on.  

 I'm still reeling from my reading with Beverley the psychic.  No one seems as impressed as I am, but I gotta tell you…IT FELT RIGHT.   Since I was told that can't have another golden without making Huck upset, I'm completely at peace about it.  
Her Pie"ness" takes all treats from me directly from my fingers.( like a dog , I know)   Somehow I snapped this image with one hand on the camera….

Summer posts lend themselves to many more pictures than winter posts.  I'm a flash nerd and indoor light just complicates my shots.  In the summer I can click away and have great pictures to share with you while I am in total comfort outside. .These flowers and the bird house are not mine at all, but the neighbors.  

  I was in JoAnn fabric today buying some fleece for the cats in the shelter.   I looked at this goofy yarn that is ……so big it is for arm knitting but it is also-
so soft you want to snuggle into it.  It is of course acrylic.
Red Heart's Vivid is going to find it's way into my stash somehow.
I walked away this time…..but it took wooly willpower….

Maybe I should rename this blog: 

1. Acrylic or Bust
(but I also like: 
2. Clicketysticks

3. Itchystitching
4. Purrchancetoknit
5. or ….just  Acommentwouldntkillya
(I tell that to my family ) 


Mrs. Micawber said...

Dang - good names all, very hard to choose between them.

I think many of us have a secret acrylic love. It's kind of like admitting you like Cool Whip. :)

Nancy said...

Love the names, the bird houses and blooms.

I like acrylic for many projects, especially knits for babies. It's more practical than wool.

Araignee said...

I am also an acrylic junkie. I love wool but it can be itchy and hard to care for-not to mention expensive, especially in sweater quantities.

SissySees said...

Oh, I *LOVE* Purrchancetoknit!!!

KSD said...

Acommentwouldntkillya. Wonderful!

Judy S. said...

That Pie is such a little sweetie! Great photos, Kathy. I especially like the lily; ours (the one on my header called Chicago)is in full bloom now after taking last summer off for some reason. IMHO acrylic is the yarn of choice for certain projects, babies and little kids for one. (The ones who eat spaghetti sans bibs, etc.)

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