Monday, June 02, 2014

Trap, Cuts and Walks

 It's time to shave those play-off beards.  Here's to next winter and another fun Blackhawk's Season.   Trap number 2 is now 44 inches long and nearing the finish.  
Rozzy decided her play off beard needed to come off also.
She was a matted mess.  Grizabella the glamour kitty, from CATS fame….had nothing on her.  After the shave, I gave her a lovely bath and cool rinse.  I really think she appreciated it all. 
She has not had an accident in a while. Not sure why the good turn of events, but we'll take it. 
She is the sweetest thing.  

I was inspired by the mail lady the other day. 
I asked her how many steps she takes. 
She smiled and said, about 20,000 steps on a work shift.
She lost 45 lbs in 3 months when she took the job.
She is working on maintaining now.
I'd be thrilled to lose 10 lbs.  
I ordered a pedometer that is like a watch. 
I kept losing the ones you clip on.
I don't want a fitbit; it is too technical for me. 

What is your favorite walk? 
Do yo have one? 
How would you encourage me to walk like an Egyptian…I mean a Maillady…?


Nancy said...

2,000 steps is approximately one mile, so your mail lady is doing some serious walking each day! I hope she has good shoes.

KSD said...

Really like the new layout! Brava!

I walk on a treadmill. It's on our back porch, so it sort of feels like outside. I've been trying to train the dogs to join me, but to no avail.

Nancy Kay said...

How did you EVER give the kitty a haircut and a bath???

All those steps... sure made a difference for the maillady. Wow. I'm trying to get in the habit of walking almost daily now that the weather is much gentler.

Anonymous said...

MUSIC --- it's the key to keep walking. I would be so bored without my music.

Chrisknits said...

I walk being pulled by two dogs! It isn't fun. LOL. I have missed the last two days, but they have been full of running and events, so back on the road tomorrow.

Judy S. said...

Your Trap is going to be very nice! Love those colors. Which kitty is in your header now? That's a great picture! How did you survive shaving Rozy? Our cats would have gone into killer mode.

kathy b said...

THE KITTY IN THE header is Magpie, or Pie.
SHe loves the screened porch. :)

as for how I shaved and bathed Rozzy She's a darling. She just purrs at you no matter what you do. She is the most trusting thing. We adopted her when she was 2. We have had 15 amazing years with her. She loves dogs, kids, other cats….
she's a hundred percent honey

elns said...

Love the kitty pic in the header -- all languid and stretched out! You can up your walking, I know you can. Start with parking farther away from the store. It sounds silly, but it counts! I have a fit bit. I promise it's not that difficult to use especially if you have bluetooth or on the laptop a lot. but I had the clippy one, and I washed and dried the first one (oops)and then i just forget to put on the second one. Consider just logging your pedometer stats in a spreadsheet, it's fun to track your daily activities and see what days and things lend you to do less or more. Wow did my dork flag just fly or what?

Katherine said...

Rozzy looks c-o-o-l. I think they really do appreciate it because we just shaved Max and he clearly loves it!

I have a Fitbit and it isn't really technical. I love the way it cycles through all the information I need about my exercise and sleep patterns. It even converts any exertion into stairs climbed (like loading groceries into the car). And it comes in watch style.

God bless the maillady!! She is a real trooper--pun intended.

SissySees said...

I only enjoy walking with my girls. I'll run forever on the elliptical without them, but for outdoor walking, I need them to keep me on my toes.

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