Sunday, June 29, 2014

Place, the Noun that is….

 The day was going along well enough. 
Spotty storms and humidity …..the promise of some porch knitting.
Then the phone buzzed; work was in desperate need of help.
I thought, I caved, I committed. 
It was a short shift; we call them Princess Shifts, but it was enough to knock the night out of balance.

Earlier in the day I went to 3 Bags Full to prepare for new posts next week.  
I spied this owl tape measure. 
I spoke with Lynnette about new books. 
She likes the Up-Down All Around Stitch Dictionary. 

I liked the page layout, I like the photography. 
There were a few patterns included in the book. 

I sorted through old single patterns on sale in the back. 
I found myself relaxing. 
I told Lynette that I often feel better having been to a knit shop. 
"People say its their Happy Place" she said. 

Today my happy place is the screened porch. 
I must have slept through the storms that chased the humidity down during the night.  
I"m going to finish my cowl now and cast on another Trap.

Any happy places you'd like to share?


Nancy said...

One of my favorite "happy places" is sitting beside a stream, listening to the rushing water, the sounds of birds in the trees, and the warmth of the sun on my face.

Dianna said...

Your happy place sounds delightful. What is not to love when there is yarn involved. I'm a crocheter and not a knitter, but I love yarn! And new patterns!

Thanks so much for sharing...oh, and by the way, the banana bread you mentioned over at Karen's sounds delightful!

Araignee said...

I would give anything for a screened porch. The weather has been lovely here and I long to go out but I'm already covered in bug bites-including pulling a tick off. Now I'm all fluish so of course I think I have Lyme's. All this drama because of the lack of a screened porch. Sigh....

knitterbeader said...

Your happy place sounds wonderful! Since I live in Arizona, we can't really go outdoors much - it's been over 100 degrees for several weeks now and up to 111 in a couple of days. So I spend a lot of time indoors in my craft room knitting away, or shopping in air conditioned malls, etc. We did go with family to the Grand Canyon last week which with it's higher altitude was only in the mid-80's - so quite nice.

Caffeine Girl said...

I love going to knitting stores, though that has led to a little too much yarn-purchasing!

The screened porch is one of my favorite places, too. Enjoy!

Katherine said...

Like you I love porch knitting but it is too hot here today to even try it--96+ predicted for the week! You are so right, yarn stores are great happy places. I have Malabrigo coming in the mail so I guess Little Knits is my happy place for the month!

Mereknits said...

Could that owl be any cuter? I could not even imagine sitting outside right now, it is so hot and humid here in Florida, i swear the bottom of my feet got burnt today when I stepped on the driveway in my bare feet.

Linda said...

Oh you know...the usual!
Hot steamy weekend at the cottage...loved it!
Enjoy your week.....and knitting!
Linda :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy places have been hard to find this week.

How does life get so BUSY sometimes!

I have two phones to program tomorrow and that takes time away from my knitting. I am not happy, but on the other hand, we have two new phones. LOL

gypsyknits said...

My happy place is my grandparents' farm...on the mountain in the woods.
I enjoy knitting outside but this year has brought a storm almost everyday with humidity.

Judy S. said...

Tolovana on the OR Coast is one of my favorite places AND there's a yarn shop and a quilt shop nearby!
have great day.

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