Friday, June 20, 2014

And Then It Was SUMMER

 Trap number 4 nearing completion. 
Big Announcement: I'm not casting on another Trap next.
I am casting on something similar that I found on Ravelry last night. 
Confession: I need to find, purchase and knit with Pink yarn.
I don't know what's come over me.  Perhaps Pank is the new blue for me.  
 The weather was most comfortable for going to the zoo yesterday.
Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the very few free zoos in the USA.
It is in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Chicago. 
DePaul University is in Lincoln Park and we got to enjoy the area when Zachary studied there for 4 years.  
 Nine year old niece Maria took all the zoo photographs for us. Big sisters Emogene and Elizabeth are lovely ….
She shot 177 frames with our Nikon DX.
She wants to be a journalist. 
 The Great Apes were active and playful while we visited yesterday. They are indoors here so the glass is a bit dirty.  You can see the ape whose hand is being bitten, showing his teeth. 
I share concerns about captive wild animals in zoos, 
but I am selfish and love to see these creatures. 
We saw some lovely flowers at the zoo as well. 

So many people, enjoying the day with their children.
Orthodox Jews and Muslims in their cultures' dress were mingling with Hispanics, Caucasians and African Americans.
It was a lovely thing and I think Noah himself played a part in it.  

Thanks for your book suggestions. I am looking up each and every one of them.  It is interesting how we knitters, love to read too.  I  always get many comments on book suggestion posts.  

Happy Summer Solstice


Nancy Kay said...

The visit to the zoo look like a wonderful summer outing. NICE!!

Katherine said...

Manatees and Great Apes, oh my! I think they are both so beautiful!! A client and I were just now talking about how badly the whales are treated at the water parks. We love to see them but hate to think about how they live!

Interesting that you are craving pank. I have been looking for yellow yarn to knit into...something, and I don't even like yellow.

Nancy said...

Encourage that aspiring photographer/journalist all you can: she took great photos of your outing.

Judy S. said...

Fun photos! Hope you also make it to the beach though. Love your latest Trap and can't wait to see what you're going to make in pank. Happy Shopping!

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Kathy
I've actually been to Lincoln Zoo when I was visiting Chicago for the birth of my grand-daughter. It is indeed an interesting place to visit. Wonderful photos too ....lots of detail! great photographer!!!

keep well

Amanda x

Araignee said...

Happy Solstice to you as well! If summer stayed as beautiful as it was today, I'd be a fan.

Anonymous said...

Your niece takes great pictures. I love the one of the apes.

Happy summer to you!

SissySees said...

Beautiful photos. I can always ship you some PANK...

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