Tuesday, June 03, 2014

2nd Trap Finish…..

 Trap Number 2 . 
I should have the sock yarn manufacturer's name for you
but I cannot get my hands on the receipt right now.
Of course it is one I'm not that familiar with or I'd know the name. 
It was "something" feet but not Happy Feet. 
One skein of aqua, and one skein of navy and aqua. 
There is one mistake in it, but I won't rip.
Fireman pointed out the mistake immediately…..shouldnt he know by now? It is a design feature….

 Zach is teaching me about Bokeh, and this image of a daisy is my own.  Bokeh is the blurring in the back. Sometimes,  the light makes circles as you see in the upper right hand corner. 
Beatles turned 3 yesterday. 
Here he is wearing the new Trap. 
This Trap is a gift to my friend Kristine who loves winter. 
The nice thing about the shape of Trap is that it wraps so beautifully around your shoulders or your neck.   It is not as bulky as a true scarf. 

I may change things up a bit on Trap number 3. 
I have the yarn. :) 
Lorna's laces Arlington and a contrast color in Koigu.

Yes I'm potato chip knitting.  
A great pattern will do that to me. 
What patterns do you repeat over and over?
I'd love to know


Anonymous said...

I love when bokeh turns out as beautiful as your daisy picture. Great shot!

What do I knit over and over -----

1. Monkey socks
2. Spring forward socks
3. Alex's Cloth dishcloth

and the biggie --- the Hudson Bay Inspired Blanket. I'm working on my second one and I already have thoughts of doing a third one. Am I crazy --- yeah, probably.

Nancy Kay said...

I like the new look (the header) at the top of your page and the profile details (some are so funny). You are good at changing it up on occasion.

Nice work on the photography!

The scarf looks like another winner, and is so nicely shone off by your model.

I have not knit too many patterns more than twice...except for an easy dishcloth pattern, easy rib socks, and the Hitchhiker Scarf.

Katherine said...

I love the Trap! Beatles is adorable wearing it and that proves it is unisex.

I like to knit and re-knit a sock yarn hat pattern that is perfect for sleeping on a cold night.

Mereknits said...

Happy Birthday to Beatles, love the trap and The Fireman sure should know better by now.

Nancy said...

Sounds like Fireman might be a closet knitter: give that man some yarn and a pair of needles! hee, hee

I tend to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket and my Plain Jane socks over and over.

knitterbeader said...

The Trap turned out beautiful and love the kitty model.
I should learn the method for the beautiful daisy photo. I have Photoshop Elements, took classes a long time ago and thinking there is probably something on there that could have the same effect.

SissySees said...

Evidently, the baby kickbag is my potato chip knitting. I just have to finish the dang blanket first...

Happy birthday, Beatles!

Lynn said...

Basic vanilla socks. I love the mindless knitting of it all. Nice Trap!! And hugs to Beatles on his special day.

Judy S. said...

Your cats sure are cooperative! First for a shave and wash and now Beatles in Trap. I've knit many prayer shawls and also a sweater with hearts that I'm just about to start for Stella. Great daisy photo, and thanks for the word, "bokeh"!

Araignee said...

What great photography skills you have! I've been trying to master the bokeh thing forever. No luck.
I knit the Pimpliesse scarf over and over. It looks great in crazy colors and I love crazy colored yarn.

Caffeine Girl said...

Keith always spots my mistakes! It can be frustrating, but I do appreciate his genuine praise.

Fingerless mitts are about the only potato chips knitting I do.

karen said...

Lovely!! I go to citron, traveling woman shawl and I've knit two color affection shawls.

The Knitting Kat said...

One Plus and Vanilla Latte Socks. Your Trap looks great-love the colors and your kitty model!

elns said...

It's beautiful Kathy! I love the colors your chose!

Grace said...

i can't begin to tell you how many I have made over and over again. Alan Dart's gnomes, Rebecca Dangers Monsters, 55 1/2 granny square shawls, all in one baby vests, corporate whispers scarves, rambling rows blankets, baby booties, Non Felted Slippers just a glance at my project page and you will see them all over and over again.

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