Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saturday Goings On

 Knitting with Karen the other day -
always fun-
she even winds her yarn like a professional but she uses her finger.
 Here is her gorgeous fair isle infinity scarf in progress.

I am finishing a couple dishcloths this afternoon while watching the Derby! 
I'm also baking a carrot cake for Fireman's birthday.
 I cheat. 
I use a spice cake mix, 
add grated carrots and crushed pineapple
and pecans.  
Then I cheat with Duncin Hines cream cheese frosting
mixed with Cool Whip.
Fireman loves carrot cake. 

Finally, the spring process of porch cleaning is done.
Beatles wasted no time in finding the same spot he
loved last year.

Cleaning the porch is a yearly icky chore.
But oh when its done, I'm so happy. 
Is your porch or deck open for the season yet?


Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful knitting. I like carrot cake, your cheating recipe sounds delicious!!! We had to rip out deck out due to water damage to the house the other year - no deck back up yet :o( But I used to clean up the furniture and get the umbrella out .. maybe next year.

Mereknits said...

My porch and deck is always open and frankly always getting dirty and moldy, I hate cleaning it, which I have to do many times a year, but it sure is lovely when it is done.

Happy B-day to Fireman.

Anonymous said...

Our porch is open year-round, but it's looking a little messy right now.

Steve is taking off the second week of May and there will be some pressure washing in his future. LOL

THEN we will be ready for a Memorial Day barbecue.

SissySees said...

Whoa... that's some beautiful knitting! The Knight and I both love carrot cake. Make I could make him one tomorrow?

Happy birthday to your fireman!

The Knitting Kat said...

That is one happy looking cat! And what a beautiful WIP! Happy Saturday!

Nancy said...

Carrot cake is divine!

The temps. are starting to be nice enough to sit outside, so it's time to take the glider and chairs out of storage and put them on the deck and front porch. Perhaps, I will do that this week. I also need to clean the garage. Sigh!

Nancy Kay said...

Love, love, love the fair isle cowl; it's beautiful. The cake sounds deeeelicious! As for the porch, I'm not quite ready, but after this weekend, maybe...

Katherine said...

I'm crazy about the Fair Isle scarf! Carrot cake sounds so good and I'm all for shortcuts. Our patio needs about one more day of prep to be summer ready. DS bought a huge generator and left it on our patio. I don't know whether to put a table top on it and set chairs around it or cover it and stack plants around to look like a rock formation. Any ideas on disguising that thing will be welcome.

Araignee said...

Love that recipe idea! I love carrot cake too but can't eat nuts and you have given me an idea to cheat it.
My porch is a disaster. It needs a good scrubbing. It's been so cold at night we still have the winter cat huts up on it.

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