Tuesday, May 06, 2014

May Flowers

 Playing with Periwinkles

 Pretty as a Paper Flower
 Underneath Umbrella Flowers
The Hidden Beauty of Moths!  
There is no such beauty!!

That, my pals, was an abbreviated tour of the Chicago Botanic Gardens in bloom today.  

I viewed the flowers mostly through my right eye.
Squinting, yes, As Donna Boucher says: we northerners
are blinded by the sun .
Couple this with my allergies to pollen and trees causing my left eye to tear unstoppably during our entire walk.
I still had fun. 
Time for Allegra. 

I need my eyes for lace knitting tonight. 


Anonymous said...

The pollen has been really heavy this year! I've been using Zaditor and it really helps.

The iris and the lilies are beautiful. Reminds me that it is time that I renew the membership to Leu Gardens. Haven't been there in awhile.

elns said...

Ugh, I am fellow hayfever sufferer as is the kid. The watery eyes are no fun. Don't leave home without sunglasses, that's for sure! Thanks for sharing the fun photos of your garden tour. I'm more of a Claritin girl :)

Katherine said...

I love the Botanic Gardens!! What beautiful flowers. I am not usually very allergic but I always got itchy and teary when I went there. So much pollen in one place!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your flowers are soooo pretty! I'm still waiting for blooms!

Nancy said...

Moths - don't like them; allergies - got them. I started Allegra in March and added Singular in April. I have more good days now than bad but still have a dripping nose.

Judy S. said...

Lucky you! (but not about the allergies) I love the Botanic Gardens at any season. Happy knitting!

Araignee said...

Allergies are the worst. Mine were pretty bad for a while but have seemed to settle down a bit since it got cool again.
The cool weather has made our blooming season a real bust this year but I'm not complaining. I hate the heat.

Caffeine Girl said...

Beautiful flowers! I hope you were able to work on your lace knitting.

Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful. I'm with you, I've had sinus headaches all this week, and I see all these trees and flowers blooming outside ... hhmmmm. And I AM taking my allergy pills ... maybe time to try a new one.

Caffeine Girl said...

Beautiful flowers! I hope you were able to work on your lace knitting.

Nancy Kay said...

The blooms are gorgeous!

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