Friday, April 04, 2014

Warm Socks for A Cold April Opener

 There is some side by side sock knitting going on here at Irisheyes. 
The Peruvian Mirasol is shade 700 if you like it. 
Intended for: Shhhhh  it is a surprise. 
The yarn was on Supersale at 3 Bags Full this week.

The only way for me to really enjoy socks is to knit them side by side.  This eliminates second sock syndrome…as you well know. 
In fact, I took this idea from one of you this week. 
I cannot recall who, however. 
So thanks, because I am enjoying the sock work. 

I also started them because the yarn and needles for my Wrap are tiring to my right arm.   I need to trade off projects to keep my arm in good shape.  

Have you ever noticed that some tennis players have one arm that is bigger and more pronounced than the other arm.  I have a feeling my arms will look like that someday from knitting. :) 
Miss Magpie is turning one this month.
We will have a celebration.
She has learned to jump through a hoop and she actually begs me to play this trick game with her. 

Finally ,
The Cubs home opener is today.
True to form it is wickedly cold and windy outside.
I remember drinking hot chocolate and freezing on Opening Day. 
Happy 100th Birthday Wrigley  Field, you are a magical place …
even if we haven't won a Series in a hundred years….


Nancy Kay said...

Those colorful socks are going to look great and should lift the mood wherever they go!

Oh, that is a sweet picture of Pie. Does she really jump through a hoop? Now that's amazing.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Pie is such a pretty little thing! And the socks look great!

Bridget said...

Those are great socks, I love the colors! I always do my socks like that, too, for the same reasons.

Happy Birthday Pie! Please give her a kiss from me.

So cool that Wrigley Field is 100 years old - I love that place!

karen said...

Love the colors of your yarn, so cheerful and fun! Love your sweet cat and celebrating a birthday :)

Katherine said...

It makes me homesick to think of hot chocolate on opening day and the magic of Wrigley Field. I will always miss Chicago!!

I love the little kitty face and fluffy paw.

kathy b said...

Yes Nancy kay she truly jumps through a hoop. I think it is easier for her Because she can't see the hoop!

KSD said...

Two of my heroes:

Chrisknits said...

Love that face! Happy birthday to her. Cubs, not so much, now Cards? All the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your Cubbies.

As a Phillies fan, I feel your pain. LOL

Nancy said...

That's the ONLY way to knit socks, I'm my opinion.

Happy Birthday, to Pie!

Araignee said...

I never thought of knitting socks that way. Hmmmm....

Mereknits said...

Seriously I am so far behind, trips, dog talk, yarn sales, opening day, socks....I think I got it all.
Hugs to you Kathy B,

Lynn said...

LOL Ok that is funny how she WANTS to play that game with you!!! I bet you could totally train her to do other tricks!

SissySees said...

Happy socks! Maybe if I ever finish baby knitting I'll do more socks. I miss them.

Happy birthday, Pie - and Wrigley!

Caffeine Girl said...

Anyone at the opener is going to need warm socks! This weather is unreasonable.

Love the colors for the socks.

And happy birthday to kitty!

RedClayLady said...

106 years.

Judy S. said...

Nice socks. Side by side's a great way to avoid SSS, and I need to remember it. I've been wondering about future thumbs from all the texting.....

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