Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Guest Blogger Time !

We are home from a very Virginia Easter. 

Here's the knitting wrap up for Y'all: 

Bobby the Clown at the minor league Tides' game is our guest today.  
He stuck my needles in his clown nose.  Suffice to say this is a first for Irisheyesknitters.  I cleaned them thoroughly with sani hand liquid in my purse. 
The Tides game was a blast.
They were playing the Durham Bulls and I love the movie Bull Durham. 

I always pack two knit projects when traveling….
Just in case.  Glad I did, because I became enthralled with dishcloths again this trip. 
I'm not sure why the bug for dishcloths bites so hard sometimes and is literally non existent for me at other time. 
The round pattern is : Mielke's Fiber Arts Round Knit Dishcloth free pattern. 
Here we are posing for the blog post. 

 second dishcloth was knit on the ride home.
It is an Ehow pattern.  
I googled it on my phone and loved the simple pattern. 
Yarn was dollar yarn at Lynette's Anniversary sale a month ago: 
Sirdar Summer Stripes.  

The smarty Pants Knitter in the family, Al, is knitting 
a new vest .  You know those color changes:
it has to be Noro.  The pattern is in the Noro book
and called :Marika. 

Al is not knitting the short sleeved top; she's converting it to a vest. 
She's cruising along!  
When she is not in school she knits again :) 

Karen called this stitch the Indian Crossstitch . 

Did the bunny bring you yarn? 
How's your knitting today?


Dee said...

Love that picture of you and Al.

Clowns -----aacckkkkkk! Never liked them, but I have to say, this one looks friendly enough.

I love Al's pattern. Reminds me of "broomstick lace" that I used to knit up years ago. So pretty.

Nancy said...

The Noro is performing perfect with the pattern! It's lovely.

Love the photo of the two knitters - gorgeous ladies.

karen said...

The bunny only gave chocolate but I'm quite happy with that :)

Judy S. said...

Sounds like a fun Easter! The only bunnies here were outside, snacking on the flowers. That's a pretty pattern Al is making!

elns said...

I love the photo of you and Al! I was really grossed out by the clown with the knitting needles up his "nose". I was grateful for your hand sanitizer commentary to set me right.

Araignee said...

Yay for dish cloths!

SissySees said...

Great photos - except the needles up the nose. That would set me off on an OCD fit!

Al's vest is off to a beautiful start.

The bunny brought me a York Peppermint bunny.

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