Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Makes You Scattered?

No new knitting to report today. 

So I'll ask you?

What makes you feel focused?

The sign above was in the Keys.
Below the lobster charter sign were another dozen 
I stopped reading after the Cheap Seafood is not Good, 

Here are some ways I try to stay focused: 

* I turn off the car radio. 
Not always, but when I'm searching for calm, I turn it off. 
Even music can distract me these days.

*I make lists.  
Every single day. 
I love lists. 
I love to make them and I love to cross things off my list. 

*I tell myself , 
"You can just listen, you don't need to add your own story.'
I find I'm much more settled when I don't add to someone else's story.   I grew up in a chaotic family where everyone wanted to speak and no one really listened.  
It is so freeing to be the story TAKER and just listen.
It takes so much more energy to tell your own story. 

*I have a few dietary rules and I let the rest go.
I'm eating less meat. 
More chicken and fish.

Alcohol bothers my stomach so I am not drinking at all.
It saves a ton of money when dining out. 
It also saves calories. 

I honor my nap time most days.  Even if it is only 45 minutes. 
If I don't fall asleep I do breathe deeply and shut out
the conversation of the day for a while. 
It helps me. 

*Finally, I knit within my realm of CAN do. 
It makes me feel happy to knit within my skill set.
Some like a challenge, but I'm challenged at work so I don't' need to challenge at home.  

How about you?
How do you try to stay focused, calm and centered? 


suburban prep said...

If you can believe this I knit to stay calm. It really helped me in the last few years with all the things that have been going on in my family..

Also I have an acupuncture treatment usually once a week. Love it and I feel so good after that.

Mereknits said...

I love your ideas, i need to be more of a story observer than a story teller. Lists are huge with me, sleep and writing everything on my calendar.

Nancy said...

To remain calm, I try to avoid negative people.

If I am driving in city traffic (thankfully that is infrequent) I turn down the radio so I can focus.

Knitting helps me relax and is a good social activity.

Anonymous said...

I have NOT been focused lately. I need to really slow down and take the time to do one thing at a time.

I picked up a new book this weekend and I'm really trying to READ it and digest the story instead of rushing through so I can say I finished a book.

Same with knitting --- I'm working on being a process knitting not just a "product" knitter.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Love the Keys picture. And's TRUE too.

Araignee said...

I have to get up and go until I can't go no more and only then can I settle my mind. Being quiet and still makes me nervous. Spinning on my wheel is the most comforting activity I do. I can drift off asleep.

Katherine said...

I read. If I stop several times a day and read for 10/15 minutes I feel so much more calm and relaxed.

I like your listening routine!! I really need to do that. I talk to clients so much during a day that talking becomes second nature to me and I am aware that I need to be silent and listen more. Thanks for the reminder!!

Nancy Kay said...

I don't put the radio or TV on just for noise; I keep better focus without the noise.

I like lists too...they help keep me organized and moving forward.

Sometimes I sit down and play the piano just to enjoy harmony in the NOW. And, of course, knitting has such a calming effect! What would I do without it???

SissySees said...

Walks are sacred. I'm trying to fuel my body with care. I'm very scattered though... but it doesn't feel so awful. No stress, just busy.

What's that saying about love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life? Yeah...

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