Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This is Not Channon's Blog, but….

 Channon, I'm glad you post about fashion often.
It has me more fashion minded. 
I need a dress for my niece's April wedding. 
I like this one . 

Dress Barn.  Good price.
I need to buy some shoes in the same color as the model I suppose.
I usually hide my heavy legs, but I'm rethinking this. 
I think everyone looks good in melon colored  clothing. 
Channon what do you think?
Everyone, what do you think? 
Miss Pie is on the shelf where Beatles usually sits to watch the birds.
Zach put her up there for the photo, then she leapt off the shelf
and fell on the floor because I went to grab her off.
She's fine. 
I should have let her maneuver herself off it ….
she may be blind but she manages better when I leave her alone than when I help.
She's turning one in April. Such a midget. 
The vet says her growth plates closed around 9 months. 
She's just 5 pounds.  
The way she runs this house you'd swear she was 20 lbs! 
I plan a little birthday bash for her. 
Last month I bought her a cricket at the pet shop; she played with it for an hour and then killed it. 

I finished 2 baby hats last night for a co worker's boy to be. 
We need hats on our babies here in Chicago until June. 
The wind whips off lake Michigan and chills us. 
COOLER near the Lake is the common thread for all the predictions the weathermen make. 
If you've never been to the Great lakes, they are massive and they are like oceans.  They effect our weather. 
They are like oceans but without the tides, without the dolphins, whales and sharks.  The water is not salt water and the currents are deadly at times. 

So, dress thoughts?
Birthday thoughts ?
Thoughts on Chicago Spring babies and their
knit wear?


Dee said...

Such a pretty dress. That color wouldn't work for me, but I think the style would.

You'll have to let us know if this is the dress you choose.

Mereknits said...

Love the dress. I bought a melon colored dress last summer for a wedding, I loved it and I would say melon is not my color. I used a cool green colored shawl with it. I thought I looked pretty good for a tall, skinny girl with no chest!

Nancy Kay said...

Say yes...to the dress! Very cute.

Oh yeah, winters are very cold near the Great Lakes... I'd think baby hats would be a MUST for many months, considering how that cool air blows right off the lakes.

Katherine said...

I love the dress and the shoes are the perfect color! I am wearing more dresses these days. I like pants to hide my older-than-the-hills legs but the dresses are so cute these days, well a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Happy birthday to Pie and definitely get that baby a great big cricket!

elns said...

I love the color, good for a spring or summer wedding. They style also seems universally flattering. I have sleeveless issues, but the world was meant to be wrapped in a cardigan or shawl, right? If that color works for you, do it. You want to be comfortable and enjoy the celebrations! I am a huge fan of nude, tan or natural leather colored shoes. They elongate the body, and I am a shorty short pants.

Lynn said...

The dress is very pretty and you will look great in it. You could add a shawl too.
The fashion now seems to be beige, bone colored shoes and they seem to make the legs look longer. I see that on all the news people and fashion shoes on TV and in magazines.

Nancy said...

I love the dress! The color would not look good on me, but a sapphire blue would be my choice. I agree with Lynn, add a lacy shawl and you will be the belle of the ball.

Too few parents put hats on babies when it is cold. It's crazy because those little heads need to be warm.

Gracie Saylor said...

You will look pretty in the dress, I think Kathy...just right with your blond hair. Pi looks well loved. Good for you completing so many great knitting projects! And as for the Great Lakes, when I have been around one, I so think ocean that it is hard for me to get my mind around the fact that they are not salt water.

Araignee said...

Love the dress and the color. It's hard to find a decent dress that doesn't leave your lady bits hanging out.
Oh goody...a kitty birthday! Fun!

SissySees said...

I love the dress and agree that it wants shoes that same "nude" color. You'll look like a million bucks. Make sure the dress hits you just above the knee as it does on the model; most of us "skinnier" just above the knee, so it's flattering.

And I'm glad someone enjoys my fashion posts! I have another coming...

Pie is a "Me Do It!" girl. Both of my furgirls are too.

gMarie said...

I like the dress - nude shoes are a must. Show off your legs! Chances are good you are the only one who thinks they are heavy. They are strong and hold you up and carry you where you need to go! g

Allison said...

Nude shoes make your legs look longer and leaner! duh!

Judy S. said...

Nice dress! Knit one of your Cobwebs to go with it? Love the photo of Pie; I didn't realize she was so tiny. And, those lakes~isn't it amazing how they all were pretty much frozen over this year?

SapphireBlue said...

You could pull off that color.

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